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The Egg-centric and Sunny Side of Food

FOOD: THE MUSIC OF LOVE | 18 October 2017

It’s all about eggs at Sunny Side Up, a restaurant chain in Jakarta with nine outlets across the city where 80 percent of the dishes on the menu contain eggs – but the undisputed star here is Omurice.

Omurice, a popular Japanese dish influenced by Western cuisine, usually consists of rice wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg. At Sunny Side Up, diners are spoilt for choice, as there are more than 15 variations of Omurice.

These include the Classic Tomato Omurice, the adventurous Rendang or Kampoeng Satay Omurice as well as the all-time favorites, Sukiyaki Omurice and Beef Curry Cheese Omurice. One can even make their own version of Omurice by choosing their preferred type of rice, sauce and condiments, which the kitchen staff then will happily prepare.

Sunny Side Up recently introduced the Lava Supreme Omurice, which is not only a treat for the palate, but also for the eyes. Served with tomato fried rice, cooked with chicken, edamame and shimeji mushrooms inside the steamy half cooked egg, the dish will be brought to your table where the server will cut the egg in two and it stunningly bursts. Afterwards, a sauce of your choice will be poured on the hot lava omelette.

The menu also includes a range of other Japanese dishes, such as Steak Donburi and Udon, as well as Western classics like Spaghetti, Lasagna and the ultimate comfort food Mac and Cheese.

Even the drink list at Sunny Side Up follows the restaurant’s main concept: the White Yolk Juice, for instance, contains no less than six raw white eggs and comes in different flavors, such as banana, chocolate and strawberry.

Be advised that the portions at Sunny Side Up are generous – therefore, it is recommended to share these egg-citing creations.