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Indonesian Mountaineer Fedi Fianto Made His Debut at the 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon


Fedi Fianto, an athlete and experienced mountaineer who has climbed Nepal’s Mount Ama Dablam and completed the IRONMAN triathlon series in Australia and South Korea, made his debut at the 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon.

Fedi Fianto made his debut at the 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon. Photo courtesy of FWD Life Indonesia/NOW!JAKARTA

Climbing mountains, running tens of kilometres on rocky terrain and ice, swimming across the sea and cycling through rough terrain are the kind of activities that propel Bandung native  Fedi Fianto.

In 2013, Fedi became the second Indonesian to climb the 6 metre Ama Dablam in Nepal which is included in the category of the World’s Extreme High Altitude mountain. During the fall of 2013, of 35 expedition teams from around the world only 6 teams made it. Fedi was the only climber from the two teams of Gapai Tinggi from Indonesia who made this happen. Waving the Red and White flag at the top of Mother Necklace—believed to be a much harder feat that climbing Mount Everest—was a dream come true.

He spent almost two years in training— both physically and mentally. During the training period, Fedi also participated in international sporting events, including the Bali International Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, and, with his club, Gapai Tinggi, where he  participated in mountain climbing trips, often in extreme weather in such locations as Iceland, Switzerland and Norway.

Fianto in marathon rally.
.Fianto has climbed Nepal’s Mount Ama Dablam and completed the IRONMAN triathlon series in Australia and South Korea.

The adrenaline rush pushed him further and he hiked the Himalayas and Mount Cook in New Zealand. He also joined the prestigious triathlon Ironman in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and South Korea. This track record led to a leading insurance company sponsoring him to compete in the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018, the most extreme marathon on earth, last April.

“Climbing Ama Dablam provided me many experiences, like travelling to the arctic circle and Svalbard for glacier training before the climb, so I already knew the condition and the risks of the venue,” he says.

Fedi was among 60 participants from 20 countries and the first Indonesian participant at the event. He joined 10 other runners from Asia which included participants from Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines.

Joining the North Pole Marathon was a great experience for him  as it was part of the Explorers Grand Slam, where participants are challenged to climb the seven summits in the North and South Poles.

Fedi Fianto and 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon team.

“The FWD North Pole Marathon, participants must run 42 kilometers which should be done in 10 loops  and in the minus 33 degrees Celcius. The biggest challenge of the event is find the spacious venue. The North Pole was icy, so we were all afraid of it breaking,” he noted.

The world’s coldest marathon took place on 15 April, starting at 10:00 PM local time. Fedi made it to the finish line with a time of 7 hours 48 minutes 19 seconds, which put him in the thirty sixth position.

Following his achievement, Fedi Fianto invited fellow athletes to participate in the Run for Charity donation programme through ( where the money raised is donated to Special Olympics Indonesia, an organisation that empowers people with intellectual disabilities.

Fedi Fianto at 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon.

Fedi is currently focused on taking part in an extreme triathlon championship in Norway, the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon which will be held between 4 to 6 August. The event, which has been held since 2003, is one of the most extreme and difficult triathlon event in the world. This event starts with a swimming contest in Lake Eidfjord; the following day participants bicycle through the hills of Mabodalen against a beautiful backdrop. On the final day, the competition turns to the challenging track in the Gaustatoppen mountains.

Later, Fedi plans to climb 14 mountains above 8,000 metres around the world, such as Anampurna, K2, Nanga Parbat, Makalu, and others.

Fedi, whose interest in climbing began when he was in senior high school, is determined to conquer the world.



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