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“Health Insurance - That Matters”

MONEY AND FINANCE | 9 April 2018

Having a serious illness, one which requires complicated hospital procedures and medicines, is a remarkably common event in the lives of most families. In nearly every family there is a story of someone with (sometimes serious) illness which requires support, treatment, a variety of medicines and aftercare.

The key sign of a developed economy, say Canada, Norway or Germany, is the way in which governments and private individuals, have taken seriously the need to ensure effective medical treatments are always available and affordably accessible. These developed countries provide well-integrated (public and private funding) services and products which ensure that no one will fail to get the treatments they need to ensure that they and their families are kept safe.

The mantra is simple - no citizen should die or suffer because they cannot afford medical treatment or access medical care.

In the last five years here’s a change coming in Indonesia, as more and more people become aware of the need for support in the maintenance of good health. As in other markets, the emerging strategy for ensuring first class medical support sees some combination between public services, provided by the government, and private services, usually provided by the insurance industry.

The Indonesian government has done its part, launching programs such as the BPJS plan, designed to provide universal health care for all Indonesians. Paid for by a levy on employers and employees alike, the BPJS service and private industry, namely insurers, are doing their part to provide affordable and wide coverage so that whatever the medical condition Indonesian consumers have access to effective, quick and safe medical treatment.

The Indonesian insurance market now provides a wide number of products and choices which cover health care. Pacific Cross is a specialist company which provides, through a variety of local insurance partners, safe and affordable health insurance products at all levels of affordability.

“We are aware that not all our customers have the same needs”, Rachella Renchana, Director of Marketing at Pacific Cross, says. “And that means we need insurance plans which are affordable for a wide variety of budgets, starting from lower income and upwards. Working with a number of insurance partners here in Indonesia, we provide the technical and administration experience which allows us to design and implement health care insurance plans which are affordable and realistic for most consumers”.

The plans the Company supports and provides through insurance partners ensure that the customers have world wide cover – during travel for personal or business reasons customers can be sure that they are covered and can be treated locally and quickly. “This is a requirement in some countries, for visa purposes visitors are required to ensure health insurance is in place”, Ella says.

Pacific Cross in Indonesia is the trading name of International Services Pacific Cross, part of the Pacific Cross International Group which is an Asia wide health insurer with operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines as well, of course, as Indonesia.

“We are a strong company, an old company with many years of experience in providing health insurance, and an incredibly sustained quality of service (including international connections necessary) which we believe makes us unique”, Ella adds.

“As we grow bigger and better known in our Asian markets, and provide a wider range of services and support, we are confident that many more Indonesian customers will come under our umbrella, either directly or through one of our many life insurance company customers for whom we underwrite and share the health insurance plans”.

“Although we are a foreign owned company, Pacific Cross in Indonesia has a strong Indonesian identity – we employ experienced Indonesians to provide practical solutions for everyday problems real Indonesians face,” Ella notes, with some pride in her words, and in the services she and her team provide.

And a final message to Indonesia’s potential customers?

“We are happy to serve you, we are waiting for your enquiry and you will never be disappointed by us or our service”.



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