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Banyuwangi Airport makes the World’s Best Architecture List

Property, Architecture & Design | 1 July 2022

Banyuwangi International Airport, located in Blimbingsari village, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java was built with green-focused, sustainable architecture principles and  is rewarded by being selected in the top 20 of the best architectural works in the world this year. 

The airport which is the first “green” airport in Indonesia was awarded the Green Airport-Unique Design category at the 2022 Aga Khan Awards for Architecture (AKAA) event. It successfully competed with 20 other architectural works from 16 countries including among others, such as Wafra Wind Tower in Kuwait, Tulkarm Courthouse in Palestine, Flying Saucer Rehabilitation in the United Arab Emirates, and Le Jardin d’Afrique in Tunisia. 

The Aga Khan Awards for Architecture is the oldest award in the field of architecture. It was held for the first time in 1977 and has been held every three years until now. Since its launch 45 years ago, 121 projects have received awards and nearly 10,000 building projects have been documented.

The AKAA selection process to the works itself emphasizes not only on showing the superiority of the architecture, the social and economic needs of the community, but also must respond to cultural aspirations, support conservation, and improve environmental quality. 

As for the current period, the top 20 works have been selected by an independent main jury from a pool of 463 projects nominated for the 15th Award Cycle (2020-2022). Selected works undergo a rigorous on-site review of each project by independent experts, including architects, conservation specialists, planners and structural engineers. Later, the AKAA 2022 jury team will visit and conduct an assessment to determine the final winner who is entitled to a prize of US$ 1 million or around IDR 14.4 billion.

"This is an honor for Banyuwangi because Banyuwangi International Airport has been nominated for a world-class architectural competition, and is side by side with dozens of other architectural works from various countries." Ipuk Fiestiandani, the Regent of Banyuwangi said proudly.

The eco-friendly concept and unique design of the airport was built in collaboration with architect Andra Matin. The airport uses a special design approach that differs from the standard international style at most of the world's airports.

The green architecture can be seen from the roof of the airport terminal which is planted with various plants, air conservation, and a sunroof which is a source of natural light during the day. The roof of the airport building is divided into two parts that distinguish the arrival and departure terminals, and is inspired by traditional forms of Indonesian culture.

Not only for its green architecture, Banyuwangi Airport is considered unique because its design is similar to the shape of the headband of the Osing tribe or the indigenous people of Banyuwangi. The selected materials prioritize local availability, functionality, and economical maintenance.

"To be able to meet the requirements for consideration in the 2022 AKAA award, the architecture of the building must be completed within the span of 1 January 2017 to 31 December 31 and has been used for a minimum of one year," said the Regent.