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French Fine Dining at Home with Chef Gilles Marx

The Culinary Issue | 8 October 2019
Chef Gilles Marx, Cheff. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

The star of NOW! JAKARTA’s latest culinary programme, Fresh from the Chefs’ Table, Chef Gilles Marx shares French fine-dining ideas for home cooks at the newly revamped AMUZ Gourmet.

You are the star of Fresh from the Chefs’ Table. What can viewers learn from the programme?

It’s a lovely programme to show people about what’s going on behind the scene where home cooks could see how we [chefs] prepare and present the dishes. I will be showcasing some of the simple fine-dining recipes cookable at home. Besides cooking tasty food with quality ingredients, I will pay extra attention to presentation.

Some people think fine dining can only be enjoyed in expensive restaurants. What do you think of this?

The misconception is that people are scared to go to a fine-dining establishment because they don’t know what to do. If it’s a restaurant, it’s like any other restaurant but with more details. There is someone to accompany you from the door, greet you and walk you through the menu. Don’t be scared to ask questions. Despite having intimate space, nice cutleries, nice plate, quality dishes and the best service, at the end of the day, all you have to do is just eat, relax and enjoy the experience.

Is it possible to create a fine-dining experience at home?

It just needs preparation because you need to worry about what’s on the plate and what’s around it. You take time to beautifully set the table, cook several courses from high-quality and fresh ingredients. In the beginning, it depends on how comfortable you are in the kitchen. Don’t make it too complicated. Fine dining doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s all about the taste and presentation. Presentation is key, and you can add a nice table setting, some candle light, an intimate ambiance and, of course, a bottle of wine or cocktails.

What are some advice you can share on creating a fine-dining experience at home?

First of all, make it for two in the beginning so you can feel the intimacy. It doesn’t happen every day and it’s good for something special. Make something you cook best or your favourite dishes and elevate it. After that, you concentrate on the presentation. Fine dining is what’s on the beautiful plate and everything else around it.

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