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What to Do in '22: Resolutions to (Try to!) Change Your Life

What To Do in 2022? | 14 January 2022

Love them or hate them, at least you can try them! Whatever your relationship is with New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a good chance you have an opinion about them and for sure have tried and failed many times! Since losing weight is statistically the most popular resolution, we at NOW! Jakarta are more than happy to help people achieve the slim-down ambitions that a fresh year brings. But that being said, losing weight, and getting fit, are often accompanied by plenty of other goals, so this list of smaller, more focused resolutions are worth making a good attempt at since little lifestyle changes often impact bigger things.

So even if you’re in perfect shape and at a happy weight ( really ?) you can still improve your life by identifying and focusing on at least one small, positive change. Check out this list of our curated resolutions to think about making in 2022.

Walk More

It’s easy to fit in more steps, whether it’s by skipping the mall escalator for the stairs or by parking farther away from the grocery store entrance. Start by NOT even driving to the shops…but if you can’t manage that make sure you find somewhere – the Zoo, Ancol, Medan Merdeka, PIK – where you can walk for 1-hour minimum every week. It improves both body and mind. ( For golfers, you’re doing it already, just play an extra round – and don’t use a cart!)

Try One New Thing Each Week

It can be a tasty avocado recipe, a dance class, a new route to work, anything! But no, a new TV show does not count. We suggest sitting down either writing or reading a book. One of your new things could become a real habit.

Get Organized

Easier said than done, but studies show that being organized can relieve stress and boost productivity—two great things for conquering any other goals! Just attack one thing first: a cupboard that needs cleaning out, your desktop, your banking system, whatever it is will help your state of mind AND improve the way you live and work.

Cook More Often

City-dwellers, we love food deliveries as much as you, but you can do it! Get started today by going to the supermarket and getting the basic ingredients in hand. Then invite friends or family so you can’t back out!

Stop Smoking

Along with piles of evidence of just how harmful smoking is to your body and second-hand smoke is to others, it’s also become one of the most taboo, unacceptable habits in society worldwide, but not in Indonesia where 63pct of Indonesian males smoke and the next pandemic will be self-inflicted cancer and coronary problems. Rid yourself of this bad habit now.

Spend More Time with Family and Close Friends

When it comes to taking people for granted, it’s often those whom we see as never-going-anywhere family members. Carve out more time with them, even if it’s just a little more WA or zoom calls or quick check-ins. They will appreciate it and you will feel better too. Think also about who those valuable friends are and don’t lose touch.

Stop Drinking Soft Drinks

Research shows that drinking carbonated soft drinks leads to weight gain but can also cause diabetes, heart disease, and increase cell ageing at the same rate as smoking. Not really good news. So quit the habit—or at the very least, cut back. And if you do decide to indulge from time to time, be sure to stick to one of the better drinks- but no plastic bottles, please!


From one-off experiences like cleaning up the area in your community to consistent commitments like mentoring grade school children, your commitment to volunteering can be as flexible and as wide-reaching, as you like. If you need help to find an organization that needs your skills contact us at Now Jakarta and we will suggest some homes for orphans, the disabled and the aged.

Drink More Water

A 2015 study displayed a greater amount of weight loss for participants who drank two glasses of water 30 minutes before a meal than those who didn’t drink any water before meals. Start sipping to slim down. And if you get sick of plain old H20 you can try the many (real) mineral waters on the market- but they cost a lot more…

Work on Getting Stronger

People who focus on the physical benefits of exercise are less apt to stick with a fitness program than those who are aiming to improve their health and strength. So set some strength goals (strong is the next sexy, after all) and use them as your motivators to stick to your program. Working out but not seeing results can be demotivating so push hard to see some muscle appearing. Increasing strength now is great protection for later life, when muscles begin to deteriorate.

Make Travel Plans

Book that next big trip already — it will be one of your highlights of 2022! You may not actually make it but - hey- the planning will already have got you thinking and imaging life away from WFH and the lockdowns.

Start a Garden

Just imagine the fresh herbs and veggies that you could have going from garden to table. Actually, it’s not that hard. Get the seeds and prepare your ground, could even be in pots on a balcony!) Follow the instructions on the packets and online and you could have some real veggies growing soon. And it is very satisfying. You will not believe it! (And the sustainability aspects are great, no transportation, no packaging…)

Eat a Vegetable with Every Meal

And once you have your garden growing, don’t worry too much about cutting out junk from your diet, that could just make you feel down, instead, focus on adding healthy things—like veggies—to your plate. When you prioritise the healthy stuff, you’ll automatically eat less of the “bad” stuff without feeling deprived. It is a natural progression.

Make Others Feel Good

Making other people feel good will make you feel good. And who wouldn’t want to feel happier and more satisfied in the new year? So try to compliment people more, find opportunities to praise them and bring a smile to as many faces as possible. Strangely, it usually makes you feel good too.

Read at Least One Book a Month

Let your mind escape. Take a break from work, family and social obligations and dive into a fantasy world. It would be good if you actually enjoyed “The Classics” but the bestseller lists should keep you going for …well…ever …here are a few  – Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Say “No” More

Do you often feel like you’re being pulled into 10 directions at once? You so often do everything for everyone else that your own wants and needs get overlooked. Learning to say no doesn’t make you selfish. It simply means that you value yourself just as much as you value others. It may be hard to begin with but try it and see, you will value your own time much more.

Do 10 Minutes of Exercise Each Day

You’ll be amazed by what even just 10 minutes each day can do. Whether your 10 minutes turn into 30 or you call it quits at 10, it’s still more activity than what you might otherwise be doing. Why not try it? Find the right time ( some say before breakfast is best…) then lock that in every day. You might keep track of what you do – and your weight as well?

Pay Less Attention to Your Phone

Ward off your future “turkey neck” and put down your device. Or better yet, don’t pick it up so much in the first place! Remember people used to live quite happily without knowing everything that everybody does every second of the day. Try to formulate a clear set of criteria as to what you use your phone for. If it is mainly updating social media ( and taking pix of your food and surroundings…) then make a specific time for doing that. Not every hour (or minute).

Watch Less TV

If there isn’t something ie a specific program, you’re dying to watch, turn off the tube. And if there is, ok watch it and then turn it off, and consider tapering off the other shows you want to watch, too. Be selective.

Go to Bed Earlier

Not only can skimping on sleep make it more difficult to show your boss how smart and together you really are, but it can also hinder your weight loss efforts. In fact, losing just 30 minutes of sleep has been linked to increased appetite and weight gain. And the way to sleep more is to go to bed earlier, not to wake up later. Remember you have to exercise before breakfast!

Be a Better Listener

It’s so easy to let our minds wander when we are on the phone or listening to a friend vent about his/her day. However, in a world where everyone is so distracted, one of the most wonderful feelings is knowing that you’re truly being heard. There really is a skill called active listening, and those that master it are recognized as attentive, wise, caring and kind. Try it and see.

Keep a Planner…and Make Lists

Let’s face it, life is a marathon. We run from one obligation to the next and barely stop to catch our breath. Keeping a planner allows you to better manage your time and plan ahead. And if you combine that with making really good meaningful lists you will be in control. It’s easy to forget things we need to do. Making lists not only ensures we get it all done, but also makes us feel accomplished.