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Bloomsday – A Celebration of James Joyce

Celebration | 18 June 2021

“I will tell you what I will do and what I will not do. I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it calls itself my home, my fatherland, or my church: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use -- silence, exile, and cunning.” ―James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.


Each year on 16 June events take place around the world to mark Bloomsday, a celebration of the life and works of renowned Irish writer James Joyce. 16 June was chosen as it is the day on which Joyce’s most famous work, Ulysses, is set. Ulysses, a modernist masterpiece, follows a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, Stephen Dedalus and Molly Bloom. Celebrations of Bloomsday come in many different forms like readings, performances and visiting the places and establishments referenced in the book. often those celebrating dress in the style of the day, including donning straw boater hats!


To mark Bloomsday 2021, the Embassy of Ireland to Indonesia hosted a Bloomsday installation at Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta from 15-20 June and at Dia.lo.gue art space in Kemang from until 21 July. This allows visitors to learn about Joyce, one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century in the English language. 


Ireland’s cultural heritage, including the written word, is a hugely significant part of who the Irish are. As they celebrate Bloomsday. We recommend you find and read Ulysses, Joyce’s masterpiece, as well as A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Please enjoy!


To learn more about James Joyce or global Bloomsday celebrations, you can view details at www.ireland.ie/bloomsday. This year’s programme of festivities is available at www.bloomsdayfestival.ie/bloomsday-programme2021 and you can consult the website of the James Joyce Centre at www.jamesjoyce.ie . The Embassy will also feature Bloomsday content and competitions on social media

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