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Digital Donation Banks to Help Frontliners and Most Vulnerable Community During Pandemic

Commitment | 17 April 2020
t’s important to help others who have been struggling with the fight of Covid-19 in the front line or pay forward to the most vulnerable community. But it's more important that your kindness is delivered to the right person who needs it the most. Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA

The Covid-19 crisis is definitely affecting many people’s lives as the economy has strained, putting the community in the struggle since people can make money like it used to be. During the crisis, many people lost their job, low-class residents are suffering, and health workers are under threat because not many personal protective equipment (APD) are available to protect health personnel from getting transmitted with the virus. 

As the struggle continues, lists of donations by groups of community, organisation, and institution are open to help the most vulnerable ones who are hit hardest by the effect of Covid-19. One is able to participate in the donation on online domains which are focused on different kinds of distribution, whether to help health personnel or communities who can fall into devastating poverty.

But, the most important is to make sure that your donations will be distributed to the right person. Recently, the editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy Stacy Palmer, according to her statement on, said that helping people in the community close to one’s neighbourhood is the most important rather than going to donate to a bigger charity ballot. Secondly, verify the reputation of the donation banks and its background is also crucial as many public donations are available out there. Make sure that any of the aid is delivered to the ones who need it the most.

Here are some lists of online donations available for those of you wanting to help the community who have been fighting in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Sulianti Saroso Hospital

Since the beginning, RSPI sulianti Saroso became the referral hospital that has responsibility handing the most Covid-19 patients. As the life of many health personnels including doctors and nurses are under the threat of possible transmission of the virus, the hospital open donation to provide a Personal Protective Equipment (ADP) to its health workers who have been fighting their best to handle the cases in the hospital. You can donate your money to bank account  Mandiri 1200011529794 in the name of RPL 182 RSPI Sulianti Saroso, or call the donation center to RSPI F.N Dian K,SE (+62 85717230733); Elfinareza Noersal, SE, MSi (+62 82114666622).

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)

Humanitarian agency Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) open public donation to help the most vulnerable and marginalised community who have been struggling to afford protection aid to themselves. The agency aims to help the community by distributing masks, hand sanitizer, and staples to the community who need it the most as their lives are in poverty. For more information, follow the account on Instagram @actforhumanityor click the donation domain on

Rumah Zakat

The renowned donation platform Rumah Zakat is helping the community with the sterilisation of public infrastructure and place of worship in the nation to protect the daily workers who work for public transportation and places of worships such as mosque, church and any other places such as bus shelter and transportation stations in 10 different cities. One could donate their money voluntary through on

Jurnalis Bergerak

Journalists are also one of the professionals who still need to work during the crisis to deliver news and information daily to the people. As the voice of the people, the association of professional journalists from Metro TV, CNN Indonesia TV, Indosiar, SCTV, and Kompas TV established online donations to help the most vulnerable community. The donation is targeted to collect a total of IDR 100,000,000 to distribute 600 packages of aid in the form of hand sanitizer, reusable mask, and staples (Sembako) to daily workers who live paycheck to paycheck.  Participate in the donation on bit/ly/RangkulpekerjaHarianLawanCorona or call the center of donation #JurnalisBergerak +62 81213140511 (Rebecca) or +62 82121940352 (Tata)

Digital Wallet getaway and E-commerce for Covid-19

A lists of big names in online payment getaway including OVE, DANA, and other ride-hailing platforms such as Gojek and Grab as well as commerce namely Tokopedia, and Shopee are also participating ton online donation where people could

give back money to help others. One could check the distribution of the donation by getting a notification and update from the platform. The aid package is purposed to different categories where one could choose the best of their philanthropy acts during the crisis.

Bersatu Melawan Covid-19 is the official public donation provided by the digital crowdfunding platform This is the most comprehensive donation where the company is targeted IDR 25 billion to distribute aid for four different categories

Go check the donation banks on

Even the smallest money is useful for anyone who will appreciate it. Our kindness is bigger than anything else today.