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Indonesia and Sweden: Partners for Sustainable Growth

Commitment | 12 November 2018

Indonesia is one of the Swedish government’s prority markets. More than 90 Swedish companies are currently operating throughout the archipelago. These companies employ – directly and indirectly – tens of thousands of people in Indonesia and contribute significantly to the country’s economic and societal development.

Indonesia - Sweden Executive Forum. Photo courtesy of Bsuiness Sweden/NOW!JAKARTA

Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council, works closely with the Embassy of Sweden and our Indonesian partners to help Swedish companies grow in Indonesia and to support Indonesia in achieving its economic, social and environmental development ambitions. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, the world’s perhaps most vibrant and fast-moving economic region, Indonesia is for many companies a natural destination for investments and a place to do business in. Our Swedish companies are proud to be part of Indonesia’s remarkable growth journey and look with determined optimism towards the future.

The Indonesian government under President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has implemented impressive economic reforms and genuine efforts to reduce unnecessary red tape and improve the business climate in Indonesia even further are continuing. Such efforts are at least partly responsible for the positive outlook that we see among Swedish companies present in Indonesia. According to our 2018 Business Climate Survey, no less than 86 percent of the respondents say they expect positive revenue within the next three years and 65 percent plan on hiring more staff. The Swedish State Visit to Indonesia in 2017 gave an additional push to our bilateral relations and the large business delegation that participated in the visit was a clear sign that Swedish companies are eager to engage both wider and deeper in this dynamic nation of over 260 million people.

Although small, Sweden consistently ranks as one of the most innovative, competitive and environmentally sustainable countries in the world. Our companies have for decades been at the forefront with cutting edge technology, industry leading know-how and an employee friendly and socially responsible corporate culture. This makes the Swedish value proposition of great relevance for both public and private Indonesian stakeholders as they are taking on an ever-increasing range of challenges.

At Business Sweden Jakarta, we have a fast-growing dedicated team of both local and Swedish consultants that bring with them expertise from a large number of industries relevant to Swedish companies and Indonesian partners. As a semi-governmental organization with one foot in the public sector and the other in the private, we are uniquely equipped to provide sound growth strategies for our clients or assist in other ways should issues arise.

Indonesia’s natural and cultural riches are second to none and the oft-mentioned economic potential of the country is no myth. But to realize it, collaboration – on all levels – needs to happen. Swedish companies are willing to share their world-leading innovations and to help accelerate the skills development among the Indonesian workforce. This makes Sweden and Indonesia an ideal match as our countries continues to pursue growth that is not only economically sustainable, but socially and environmentally as well.


Text by André Nilsson, Business Sweden Jakarta
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