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Kartika Soekarno Foundation: A Brighter Future for Indonesian Children

Commitment | 5 February 2020
Picture of Synthia (wife of Central Jakarta's Mayor), kartika Soekarno, Joana Schliemann

With its mission to give Indonesian children the best start in life, Kartika Soekarno Foundation (KSF) continues to empower children by revitalising community health services, improving the quality of primary education and providing scholarships for secondary school students.

During last year, KSF has conducted a great series of activities and programmes. It began in January that the foundation with a UK trustee visit Jakarta and have a look Posyandus (community health centres) and PAUD (earliy childhood education and development) which the foundation has been supporting together with the Australian government.

In March, the foundation has a grant contract signed with The Japanese Embassy to rebuild Posyandu, PAUD and BKB (the development of early childhood) centres buildings particularly in three sub-districs: Alas, Alas Barat and Buer, the nearest locations on the earthquake’s centre in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, also provided the furniture, nutritional counselling and health detection equipment. The renovation process of six posyandu in the districts began in 25 May by rebuilding them to maximise their potential and to provide the community with greater access to education and healthcare for their children.

Gita Faried from KSF handing over educational toys at RPTRA Segas Berseri, Karet Tengsin
Gita Faried from KSF handing over educational toys at RPTRA Segas Berseri, Karet Tengsin

KSF launched Kiran’s first Soccer Cup in RPTRA (child-friendly integrated public spaces) Rustanti Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta. Tanah Tinggi is a low-income neighbourhood where families of six to seven people living in 3x3 or 4x4 square meters with bare electrical wire and trash ridden/broken facilities in the halls. The activity included one-week soccer camp for children which aimed to engage the children with the importance of teamwork, equality and sponsorship. In the region, KSF also provided uniforms as well as supplied the kit for the match.

While in RPTRA Kenanga, Cideng, Central Jakarta, the foundation held a Japanese Charity Concert with Jakarta Nyaman Project to introduce Japanese culture to the children.