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Novotel Bandung Commemorates World Earth Day with “Planet 21: Zero Food Waste”

Commitment | 27 April 2017

To commemorate World Earth Day on 22 April, Novotel Bandung shared the benefits of its CSR programme “Planet 21: Zero Food Waste” with the communities in the area. The aim of the programme is to minimize food waste from food processing process, which ultimately can reduce the amount of waste in the environment.

Novotel Bandung invited residents of Terasana to cultivate cassava skin, which is usually discarded, to be processed into a new useful food menu. Two of the hotel’s chefs, namely Chef Deway and Chef Tian, performed a cooking demonstration, creating delicious Bread and Butter Pudding, Ketimus (steamed grated tapioca on banana leaf), Stir-fry Cassava Skin and Skin Cassava Patties.

For the Terasana residents, it was a new experience to be involved in a CSR programme like “Planet 21”, and they were delighted to gain more knowledge on how to turn food waste into dishes for them and their families. They also gained a better insight on the importance of reducing the amount of waste, and that it can be achieved through small actions.