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Project VEGA Back Packs for a Good Cause

Commitment | 25 January 2017

Some children in the remote Eastern islands of Indonesia do not have access to tools for their learning. This means they are not getting a proper education, which could result in low paying jobs. This is a crisis for children in poverty. Two people have taken this into consideration and have started something great which has helped thousands of kids in Indonesia with their education.

Project-VEGA-Back-Packs-for-a-Good-Cause-(4) Project VEGA was started by Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun. They started the project in 2002 to give supplies to kids in remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. They wanted to supply students with materials so that they can go to school. They sail the Vega Ship around to ports in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to gather schooling and medical supplies from donors. The supplies are then delivered to East Timor and other remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. This amazing idea is now an annual tradition that multiple schools, charities, and other societies are involved in. Project-VEGA-Back-Packs-for-a-Good-Cause-(3) Every year, many students in the Elementary at Jakarta Intercultural School buy a backpack, fill it with school supplies and donate it to Project Vega. Over the last two years we have been able to deliver 360 backpacks to the Vega Ship. And those back packs have been delivered to Banda Islands, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Medang and Ermere (Timor Leste), allowing these children the opportunity to go to school. Without our help, they would not be able to attend school. Project-VEGA-Back-Packs-for-a-Good-Cause-(1) There are many benefits to supporting this project. For example, we may help a kid get a job or even break a kid out of the dreaded cycle: the poverty cycle. The poverty cycle is the worst cycle to be in. It affects thousands - but you can stop it. How could you help the Project Vega? You can get a new backpack, put school supplies in it and drop it off at Jakarta Intercultural School. Or if you would like to make a donation, you can donate through the Vega website Project-VEGA-Back-Packs-for-a-Good-Cause-(2) Helping these poor children is more important than getting your own new backpack every year. They need it more than you. You have had many years of good education but they have not. This may even be their first year of school. I encourage you to help this cause. Persuade your parents to help these kids. Let’s do it. Text by Aaron Hable - Grade 5