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Starbucks Donated 10 Percent of Beverage's Selling to Support Breast Cancer

Commitment | 10 November 2017

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month last October, Starbucks with LOVEPINK  (Yayasan Daya Dara) encourage people to raise their voices on breast cancer through #PINKVOICE campaign. Starbucks committed to donate 10 percent from selling of cups of Goodness Pink Beverage to support breast cancer foundation’s mission in reducing the disease.

Director of Starbuck Indonesia, Anthony Cottan stated, more than 200,000 cups contributed over than IDR 500 million to support LOVEPINK  program which will be utilized to increase breast cancer awareness related-issues and emphasize on the importance of regular breast checking as the basic breast cancer prevention.

“The partnership does not stop here, we will support LOVEPINK with their program in the way we can by getting involved in activities and providing our place to share aspiration on breast cancer,” Cottan said at Starbucks Plaza Indonesia on Thursday, November 9.

A recent survey initiated by LOVEPINK alongside with a communication consultant, Prodigy, and an independent survey institute, MARS, found that breast cancer patients are moving towards younger age group (30-40 years) and mostly were detected in the later stage. These young patients assumed they were not at the risk of breast cancer so they never do preventive actions such as regular Breast Self-Exam or Clinical Breast Exam.

The foundation also found survivors issues faced outside Jakarta such as the lack of regular education or seminar activities on breast health and breast cancer awareness, to lack of expert and health facilities in local area, and also expensive treatment.

Shanti Persada, one LOVEPINK’s founder, explained that support is the most needed for breast cancer patients starting from diagnosis to treatment. Even when treatments are completed, the patient still needs support from family, relatives, especially support group as the most-trusted source of information.

“We will utilize these funds to increase LOVEPINK’s breast cancer awareness programs outside Jakarta. LOVEPINK will partner with representatives such as in Yogyakarta, Padang, and Banjarmasin through various educative activities to spread breast cancer awareness issues,” Persada said.