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Starbucks Indonesia Celebrates Global Handwashing Day with Charity Activities

Commitment | 20 October 2016

Drawing attention to the importance of washing one’s hands for health, Starbucks Indonesia together with Planet Water Foundation organised an event to celebrate Global Handwashing Day on 13 October.

Following the theme “Make Handwashing a Habit”, Starbucks Indonesia demonstrated the proper way to wash one’s hands with soap in front of students of SD Negeri I Solear, Cisoka, Tangerang, as well as residents of the area. Anthony Cottan, Director of Starbucks Indonesia, explained that washing hands with soap could prevent infection and illness. Therefore, Starbucks Indonesia aims to raise awareness about the importance of hand washing with soap and instill this habit among the younger children as they are seen as agents of change. At the same time, Starbucks Indonesia’s partners built a water filtration system and AquaTower for the community to ensure access to clean water for their daily activities. Until now, Starbucks Indonesia has already built eight AquaTowers across the country. According to Anthony Cottan, the residents of Cisoka, Tangerang, had difficulties obtaining clean water. Therefore, he hopes that the AquaTower will help to improve their quality of life.