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Starbucks Indonesia’s #ShareTheGoodness Campaign Continues to Give

Commitment | 22 July 2020

#ShareTheGoodness - Starbucks membantu masyarakat menyadari pentingnya kebersihan tangan

Back in May, Starbucks Indonesia started a social media campaign, #ShareTheGoodness to emphasize the company’s mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit.

The campaign proved to contribute more positive impacts to the community, as the company continues to focus strongly on helping the community. Since April, partners (employees) have continuously brought some encouragement through Starbucks beverages to the front-line responders. Last June, they extended the unique connection between coffee farmer and barista, by donating personal hand-made face mask, upcycled from past Starbucks campaign uniform, under the move ‘Melewati Cakrawala’.

Now, as a continuation of Starbucks 18th anniversary in Indonesia, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, the #ShareTheGoodness campaign remains a positive embodiment of the company's commitment to contribute and give back to the community. Recently, it contributed liquid hand soap supply to SDN Pasir Ampo, a location where previously PT Sari Coffee Indonesia had built an AquaTower to help the community in getting clean water access, as well as providing early education on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

"We want to keep resonating this spirit to #ShareTheGoodnes with people around us. Resonating the importance of hand-washing and cleanliness is what we can do the least right now. We took this opportunity with the community in Pasir Ampo village, where we had built an AquaTower previously in SDN Pasir Ampo, Banten. We help the school by providing liquid hand soap supply that usually being used by students, teachers, and people in the village, " explained Andrea Siahaan, senior general manager, corporate and communications, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia.

Andrea continued, “Gradually, some partners (employees) will visit our other AquaTower locations to deliver the liquid hand soap supply, starting from SDN 2 Gelanggang in East Lombok, RA-MTs Senteluk in West Lombok, SDN Sumur Batu I Bantar Gebang, Bekasi, in the following weeks.”

Over the past 9 years, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia has built 12 AquaTowers located in Tangerang, Bekasi, Medan, Bali, Lombok and Surabaya, having a significant impact through providing clean water access to more than 11,000 people and at least 5,000 children who are educated about hygiene and the importance of handwashing to protect them from germs.