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Swiss German University Provides Clean Water Access to Tangerang Village

Commitment | 4 April 2017

Every year on 22 March, World Water Day is celebrated in order to take action and tackle the global water crisis. The Swiss German University (SGU) commemorated the day by providing clean water access to the people of Marga Mulya village in Tangerang.

In cooperation with Habitat Indonesia, a non profit organization engaged in providing feasible shelter for people in need, and Chris Salim, an expert in water purification systems and a lecturer at Surya University, SGU first mapped the conditions of water feasibility in the Marga Mulya village and then installed the water filtration system in order to support access to clean water to the whole community as well as providing clean water education to improve the quality of life.

Marga Mulya is an underdeveloped village located in the region of Mauk, Tangerang, only a few kilometers away from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It is inhabited by approximately 250 people or 60 families. Marga Mulya’s people don’t have proper sanitation and no access to clean water. Most of the people from the village don’t have a permanent job and low education.

After seeing the poor condition if the village, SGU took the initiative to help the people of Marga Mulya as well as support the government programme to provide clean water in Indonesia.

The concern and awareness of SGU to the environment is in line with one of SGU’s new majors, namely Sustainable Energy and Environment, which focuses on renewable energy, energy conservation, environment and water sources.

After implementing the clean water project, SGU will continue to support the people of Marga Mulya village with similar efforts, for the people to live under better conditions and improve their quality of life.