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COMMUNITY | 6 October 2022

All Saints is an Anglican (Protestant) church located in Menteng and Pondok Indah Jakarta. Established in 1819, All Saints has served their primarily English-speaking congregation for over 200 years and welcome all denominations (or none) to join them in worship.

Transforming Lives through Outreach.

A significant part of All Saints’ mission is to encourage and support the growth of the Christian church in Indonesia. Toward that end, directly and indirectly, they have an active outreach programme. The church’s Outreach program supports about 21 projects across the country, including children’s homes, old people’s homes, scholarships for students and rehabilitation of the disabled. Here is a partial list:

Children’s Homes


A children’s orphanage in Bali, Mahanaim has dormitories and other amenities for the inmates. The students also attend regular school. The orphanage has a small brick-making unit, a vegetable garden and a piggery/pig farm.


A Christian orphanage where over 100 children whose families are unable or unwilling to support them are raised, provided schooling opportunities and taught the Christian Faith. A very active Music programme is the hallmark of this orphanage.


3. KDM

KDM began in 1972 as a ministry to reach out to marginalized and street children and give them an opportunity for a better future. KDM provides a safe and caring environment, with an alternative education approach to enable them to become skilled, confident, and independent young adults. Right now, there are 80 children with 45 inmates and 35 children from the neighbourhood.


Hanna House is a residential home for elderly women and men under the supervision of Ibu Riesta Latumahina and a dedicated Board. They provide a cheerful, immaculate, and loving environment for the residents. A section of the house includes a large room for Sunday worship and new accommodation that enables Hanna House to accept male residents. Hanna House accepts people of all faiths.

Rehabilitation Centres


Rawinala is a residential home and MDVI institution for Multiple Disorders and Vision Impaired children and adults. Adults over 25 years live in a dormitory close by. The children come from all over Indonesia and are most often from low-income families. Since no fees are charged, Rawinala looks to churches and social welfare organizations for its support.


A Christian organization assisting disabled children from poor income families in Java to become independent, work and earn money. Based in Yogyakarta, YAKKUM provides assistance with hospitalization and corrective surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counseling. Vocational training is provided at the centre, as well as a workshop which produces artificial limbs, braces and orthopedic footwear. YAKKUM provides education for children with cerebral palsy and also assists students to meet schooling expenses at Nationals.

Humanity Transformation


A non-profit Christian Organization under the Indonesian Anglican Church (GAI), which engages in the empowerment of low-income communities in the poor areas around Jakarta through a Micro Enterprise Development (MED) Program. This MED program combines 3 types of activities: financial, social, and skill & knowledge. The aim of this program is to create transformation of life.

These programs are assisting so many people to have better lives and need everyone’ support.

If you would like to donate your time or financially, please look at: then click the link to the committee and someone will connect with you. Many thanks