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When Good Friends Gather

COMMUNITY | 2 October 2019
Top Left to Right: Andini Panggabean, Khika Wasana, Mirah Marhaendra, Desiree Merlina, Alistair Speirs, Marlene Danusutedjo, Refa Koetin, Rizki Permata Sari, Richieta Lakeisha, Amirah Hanani.
Bottom Left to Right: Prissilia Pangemanan, Debby Setiawaty, Rumman Amanda, Lira Dachlan. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

In August, NOW! Jakarta continued its annual tradition of gathering with friends and partners in celebration of longstanding partnerships and good will for the future.

Top Left to Right: Fandy Lo, Pricilia, Raisa Kusanny, Priskilla Wanda, Alistair Speirs, Monica Agusta, Richieta Lakeisha, Arditiya Putra, Refa Koetin.
Bottom Left to Right: Indira Puliraja, Valencia Maximillian, Felicia Setiawan, Ratrie Tathia

2019 In August, we invite our friends from the hospitality industry for an intimate gathering to catch up and celebrate the years we’ve been through together in strong partnerships and welcome more of these years ahead. The NOW! Jakarta Private Lunch Gathering were organised in three different sessions at GIA on 19, 21 and 22 August. Hosting the event were NOW! Jakarta Founder and Publisher, Alistair Speirs; Head of Marketing, Richieta Lakeisha; Head of Sales, Andini Panggabean; and Managing Editor, Refa Koetin. is a celebratory year for NOW! Jakarta as the publication celebrates its 10th anniversary of informing, inspiring, entertaining as well as educating the people of Jakarta through positive reporting and on-point journalism.

Top Left to Right: Refa Koetin, Harshanty Kaloko, Alistair Speirs, Richieta Lakeisha, Janita Ekaniana,  Nadia Kamballa, Nadia Damayanti.
Bottom Left to Right: Andini Panggabean, Martha Thomas, Lenny Julia, Pramita Sari, Yulia Maria, Tri Yuniarto