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Seriously, Let’s Make This Year Better!

Soapbox: Publisher's Perspective | 29 December 2020

Who do you admire most? I mean from any country, any era, any background, the person you just think did the most for this world. Or maybe just you. Who is that? Is it a religious figure? Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed? Or a great leader like Gandhi, Churchill, Kennedy, or De Gaulle?

What about scientists? The poets? The philosophers! The singers and songwriters? The great classical composers: Bach or Handel? The activists: Al Gore & Thunberg? The philanthropists, the business successes, the humanitarians, like Florence Nightingale?

It’s hard to really agree on something so hard to put an absolute value on. Maybe it’s easier to say ‘my parents’ or ‘my grandmother’? Actually, in terms of your world, that’s probably more appropriate. Someone you really know and understood what they did or still do, not just reading reports from a hundred years ago, however impressive.

But no matter who you admire, or why, the important thing is they did something great which influenced who you are and what you think, and perhaps what you do. And that’s what I want to talk about.

After the worst year in history since 1946, we need people to do great things, to set the world on fire, to inspire, to encourage, to stimulate action for good, for the people, for the world.

What can you do? Well, think about what your hero would have done? For sure it wouldn’t be nothing, or something negative, or destructive. It would be peaceful, positive, and progressive. And you know the difference, we all do. There is right and wrong, there is greed and generosity, there is hard work and laziness, there is honesty and there are lies. It’s easy to choose, surely!

This year we need to be better, in everything we do, we do not need aggressive rabble-rousers, we need unifiers and team builders, we need to put others first and leave egos and false promises at the door. We can do it in Jakarta. Just believe and remember your hero, and let’s make it life worth living again.