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The New Face of Terrorism

Soapbox: Publisher's Perspective | 1 July 2017

Everyone is quite rightly very worried about “the new face of terrorism”, but actually it’s just the old face of terrorism adapted to modern digital society. It’s still dedicated to spreading fear as its primary method of seizing power: confuse, divide and conquer. It’s done hiding behind a facade of respectability, pretending to be a cause for good while actually being dedicated to evil. Evil of the worst sort.

We’ve seen it all before through the ages: the German “National Socialists” pre-World War II, who were dedicated to putting “Germany First” and only indulged in creating a little “living room” (lebensraum) by annexing a few neighbouring countries. That illusion of “National Socialists” turned into Nazis and the concentration camps started filling up with Jews. Then worse: emptying.

Then came the “Cultural Revolution” in China, with the Little Red Book dictating Chairman Mao’s “communist” policy which turned out not to really be “from each according to their means, to each according to their needs” but more everything from everyone to the party! Millions suffered as the elite pretended to be dedicated to the plight of the masses. A thin disguise of “culture” was quickly forgotten.

Now we have the calls of “God is Great” as today’s terrorists wreak carnage with trucks, bombs, knives and guns. Hiding their evil faces behind a veil of religion. My favorite pictures of the last month show Muslims now openly displaying signs that say “you do not represent Islam”. This is what’s needed: Islamic outrage at these atrocities, an Islamic crusade against terrorists who claim to be acting on behalf of their religion. It’s time to expose the great lie.

We do not need another Christian/Western crusade against IS, we need an Islamic/Eastern one, to pull down this shameful facade and expose the evil before a “Hitler” or “Mao” steps forward and says “the world will be mine, and I don’t care what the cost is”.

Yes, we should fight back, in Kampung Melayu, in Manila, in Manchester, in London, but most of all we should isolate these terrorists and tear away the mask of religion and say it quite clearly: “God is great, and he will not welcome you in heaven. Your future, your eternity, will be spent in violence, hatred, fear and pain worse than that you have caused”.

I’m sorry this is such a negative opening to our always positive magazine, but as the British PM Theresa May said after the machete attacks in Borough Market: “enough is enough”.

Stay safe.

Alistair G. Speirs