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10 Incredible Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party at Home

Views | 22 December 2016

With Christmas and New Year celebrations around the corner, many people are planning to host a party at home. While it may sound like a lot of fun, having a party at home is not a piece of cake. As a host, there are many things to consider, big and small. Here are ten useful home party tips and tricks that will help to make your party perfect and memorable, from the right food to eye-catching decor and entertaining games.

Ten Incredible Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party at Home (2) The Budget It all begins and ends with the budget - it determines everything! Calculate the budget carefully. Food and drinks usually already take a big portion out of your budget, so you can look for promotions and discounts from supermarkets or other shopping centers near your house. Buy fresh food and cook it yourself - not only does it minimize the budget, but it also does feel pretty good when your guests compliment your cooking. The Guest List For home parties, it is best to limit your invitations to close family or friends to keep it private and intimate. If you want to invite several groups of close friends who have not met each other yet, take the advantage of your smart phone and create a chat group to informally introduce them to each other before the event takes place. The guest list also depends on the size of venue you have. With limited space, it is better to keep the party small - unless you want to rearrange your furniture to make a focal area or serve the food and drinks in buffet style, which is of course also an option. Set the Date and Time Party-wise, December is a busy time of the year, therefore, you should inform your guests ahead of time so they can arrange their schedules and plan accordingly. If they have children and want to bring them, don’t let the party last until late. Besides, everyone is looking for an excuse to eat pancakes or ice cream during afternoon, right? Ten Incredible Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party at Home (2) Theme and Decoration The theme is the heartbeat of your party that makes it exciting, and attractive decorations will support your chosen theme, as well as enliven the party. Again, it all comes down to how much space you have at your house. If you have enough money to hire an event organizer, make sure to choose a reliable one. If you, however, can’t afford a professional party planner, use your own creativity to spice up the event. Use the goods or equipment available in your house; or if you have to buy it, go to grocery stores or community markets in Jakarta like Mangga Dua or Asemka Morning Market that usually offer cheaper prices. You can ask your guests to wear similar outfits - this will come in handy when taking pictures. For instance, if the theme is “White Christmas Party”, you can apply “white chic” as dresscode and decorations. You can also take inspiration from Christmas or New Year-themed movies. And don’t hesitate to ask friends for their input - who knows what they might come up with. Ten Incredible Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party at Home (1) Food and Drinks Most people agree that these subjects are the most decisive of successful party. Before deciding on a menu, think about your guests: who is going to come? Do they like Indonesian food, Western, Oriental or Middle Eastern cuisine, or do they perhaps prefer a barbecue? Make sure there’s enough food for everyone, make it double from the amount of invitation - you don’t want to be running out of food in the middle of the party! If there is excess food, guests can bring it home. Be aware of guests’ special dietary restrictions. Games and Entertainment Prepare simple games to break the ice and more entertainment as the party goes along. Hold a singing contest like “American Idol” where your guests can show their skills with the help of karaoke sets. Other fun games are Charades, Holiday ABC or Bingo. If you have a pool, make sure your guests know about it so they can bring swimsuit and towel. Make sure everyone is involved in the fun! Maybe this video could be your inspiration: [embed][/embed] Photos and Videos It’s important to prepare your camera and camcorder to capture the memorable moments of this party. You can share them later with your chat group or post them on social media. It’s time to show off your happiness! Restroom Make sure your restroom is in a good condition and most of all clean. Double check if you have enough toiletries like towels, tissues and soap. Believe it or not, the restroom is quite an important part of the party. Keep It Clean Prepare trash bins or plastic bags and inform your guests where they can throw away the trash. Although having a party at home always involves the risk of having a bit of a mess at your house, the least your friends and guest can do is to help keep it clean. Ten Incredible Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party at Home (1) Souvenir Let your guests go back to home happily. You can give them a homemade present like cookies or chocolates wrapped in beautiful packages with personal messages. You can also make crafts like necklaces or bracelets from beads. The souvenirs will be especially popular with the kids - they just love getting presents. If you don’t want to give them candy or sweets, get something cheap and small like hair pins, colour books or rubik’s cubes.