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Delegation: Some of The Greatest Benefits

Views | 5 September 2016

“No, no, I will do it myself” is something that i have heard many times, including from… me! Afraid to lose control or power? Craving for some personal recognition? No time to train or to mentor? Reasons are various and if, in a short term, doing everything ourselves looks like an easier solution, it is not in a long term… If you do not delegate at all or just a bit from time to time, step back, close the door and read this.

Businessman selecting a Delegate Concept button To delegate allows:
  1. A better balanced life Life is not just about work. It’s also about our self, family, friends, new experiences… Instead of working 18 hours a day to complete all tasks with the risk of doing mistakes due to the fatigue and a slipping away focus, better you select some works and give it to your promising team member. You won’t only get more time for yourself at work to look at a bigger picture but also more quality time to spend with your close ones.
  2. Your team and yourself to grow To delegate is a great way to develop your team’s members, to make them feel useful, valued, unique, responsible and more curious to know, to learn which boost motivation, self-confidence, efficiency and productivity. You can take the role of mentor to accompany, to share your own experiences and to listen their feedback; it will build stronger mutual trust and respect, which leads to better relationships. Take it as a personal challenge to support your own growth, to stimulate your brain, to trigger exciting emotions. Delegating is making a bet on someone you believe in. You and the team will grow from it. Your own superior may also notice your good management’s skills: Who knows? The promotion is maybe around the corner!
  3. New perception Giving away some of your workload will “push” you to think differently. Some managers might have some confidence issues towards others but not delegating is, in a way, also a lack of self-confidence. Will the person meet with my expectations? What if he/she fails? What about my responsibilities if it doesn’t go well? Of course, you need to prepare the delegation process. Take responsibility and commit to a positive experience. Start with listing the tasks you could delegate - conducting a meeting for instance or selecting a range of products before final decision… and communicate regularly in a constructive enthusiastic way with the person you put in charge. Being on the other side, observing, listening, sharing will considerably help you to better understand how things work, how people perceive their environment, their work. The inputs you will get from these experiences are priceless.
Conclusion: Less stress, more quality time, new perceptions, new opportunities, enjoyable moments of sharing, positive emotions, higher quality of life… And if you do not find anyone to delegate, do not always blame your Team. Maybe it’s time to question your recruitment process ;) If you need assistance to design a mentoring program or fine tune your recruitment process, please contact [email protected]
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