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Jakarta 2021: 20 Things We Need To Stop Doing Now (Part 1)

Views | 6 January 2021

1 Pumping ground water for any use: household or commercial?

Water is not free, nor is pumping it from seemingly endless aquifers a good thing for our city: it’s sinking as a result and the water is polluted and contaminated. Stop now please.

2 Owning or riding a motorcycle with a noise level over the limit.

Noisy motorcycles are a pest, an annoyance and actually illegal. They are totally avoidable pollution. Please stop them when checking licenses and confiscate them. I’m serious.

3 Eating only instant or fast food.

One of the causes of diabetes and obesity. Please balance your diet with veggies. They are cheap too.

4 Smoking cigarettes.

Do I need to explain this?

5 Allowing children to stand up on motorcycles.

Yes I know that the public transport is inadequate and motorcycles are convenient etc etc but at least strap your kids in and put a helmet on. My heart stops everytime I see this senseless stupidity.

6 Paying women less than men for the same job.

No explanation needed. Just do it.

7 Throwing our waste to landfill.

Ok this is more complicated because Jakarta doesn’t have a segregate and recycle process in place (why not you may ask?) so you either need to engage Waste 4 Change’s zero waste to landfill service or find your local Waste Bank for plastic, paper, metal, and bottles and start your own home composting for organic waste. Either way-no excuses.

8 Building coal, oil and gas power stations.

The conventional wisdom has been: coal is cheap and plentiful which is fine but sadly it also causes climate change so sorry please stop building all non-renewable energy plants now. Thank you.

9 Cutting down or burning forests for any reason.

What’s done is done. The palm oil plantations and other commercial forests are there. But that’s enough. A moratorium is not a MORE-et-orium. It’s time to stop, literally zero cutting and burning should be allowed. No excuses. More prosecution.

10 Converting arable land to commercial or residential use.

This restriction is now the norm in western countries and must be adopted here too. You need to find waste land, old factories, quarries, scrub land to build on. Do not dig up one more field.

11 Increasing the population at an unsupportable rate

When I was first here there was a “Dua Cukup” (2’s enough for childbirth) campaign. The population was 125 million. Now its 260 million in two generations. It’s time to stop again. This is time ‘Satu Cukup’.

12 Paying ‘rent-a-crowd” to demonstrate to prove a point.

Do you really think that all the demonstrators at the huge rallies are there for the love of the cause. Sorry to disillusion you, they are paid. It’s a very sad reflection on ‘democracy’.

13 Believing everything we read on social media.

All you addicts are going to hate me but sadly its true: unedited, uncurated, socmed consists of everything from brilliant ideas and hard facts to complete garbage and deliberately deceiving nonsense. Stop believing.

14 Using rivers to dump our garbage or waste liquids.

Again partly the fault of governments who don’t provide comprehensive waste services, but also our responsibility. We need to stop all garbage going to rivers. Out of sight is not out of mind.

15 Buying plastic wrapped vegetables, food and drinks.

Hard to avoid in the supermarkets but try! Don’t use the store’s plastic bags for weighing and don’t buy pre-wrapped veggies or food. Drinks.. well again its hard but if you are doing your recycling (point 7 above) you can be sure your empty bottles will not become waste.

16 Throwing out electrical equipment in the garbage.

Dangerous. Don’t do it. Call for help from Waste 4 Change.

17 Building roads with no pavements/sidewalks.

This is a very long and weary road. Like the ones I’m talking about! Access roads, main, busy roads need to be free from stopping, parking, loading, waiting vehicles. They also need to be free from roaming pedestrians. But the way they have been made means that they have no side walks (pavements)and are 100% open to vehicle access for cars, motorcycles, and delivery trucks. This makes, what should be high speed ‘trunk’ roads the same as high streets, only worse because there are also pedestrians! Can no-one else see this?

18 Using trucks instead of trains to transport goods.

I don’t know the stats: I just know the emotions! I love seeing freights trains with 100 wagons rolling majestically across the countryside. I don’t like seeing 200 trucks on a motorway taking the same amount of goods at 5x the cost and 10x the pollution. And creating traffic jams too.

19 Keeping wild birds and animals in cages at home.

It’s a Javanese tradition. To be a real man you need a bird. Better still-many birds. But according to learned authorities this has reduced wild bird populations, especially in Java, and changed the balance of nature-as well as the obvious unacceptable practice of caging animals.

20 Leaving lights and electrical equipment on when not in use.

Oh the laziness. And the cost-to users and to the planet. Think before leaving any piece of electrical equipment on. And by the way stop using elevators for 1,2 or even 3 floors!Up or down.