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Indulgence | 15 September 2022

Experience an unparalleled dining experience with Italian Michelin-star chef Matteo Vigotti at OKU, in the wonderful Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. It is time to try the celebrated connoisseur's cuisine, which touches people by presenting sublime ingredients in new, creative combinations, proposed with stylistic coherence. Chef Matteo Vigotti's style is influenced by his upbringing and experiences in fine dining at some of the most prestigious establishments in New York, Roma and Madrid as well as having collaborations with numerous world famous chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Arzak and Ferren Adrià.

“I’m always passionate about working with fresh produce, creating innovative dishes and improving restaurant ratings” said Vigotti, who has been awarded 1 Michelin star at his own restaurant on Lake Maggiore. "I think it's very unique since Italy and Japan have strong identity in terms of taste," said Chef Kunihiro - the Executive Japanese chef of OKU. And he was exactly right.  Here is the menu he is presenting.

Dinner Degustation Menu

By Chef Matteo Vigotti

Amuse Bouche

Scampi   Millet, Caviar, Shiso Tempura

Tonno Rosso

Sesame Bread, Wild Herbs and Sprouts, Honey Soy


Shiitake Mushrooms, Lobster, Sweet Garlic, Vegetable Charcoal


Potatoes, Soy Tamarind, Enoki Mushroom, Plankton

Wagyu Bavette

Fermented Cabbage and Apple, Edamame, Beetroot Rice

Tiramisu Di Zucca

Pumpkin Mascarpone, Coffee  Granita, Ginger

Located in the heart of the city of Jakarta, OKU serves the most authentic contemporary Japanese cuisine in town. But Michellin-star Chef Matteo Vigotti at OKU is only available from 16–18 September 2022 .

The prices starts from IDR 850,000++ per person for four course lunch set menu and IDR 1,600,000++ per person for six-course dinner set menu.

For reservation please call at 021 2358 3896 or Whatsapp at 0817 0070 059.