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Convoi: Get in Line for Some Great Food!

Indulgence | 26 August 2022

Photos: Convoi  Text: Tamara Nilakandi Long

This new addition to Jakarta’s food and beverage scene serves a contemporary twist on  much-loved Asian and Western comfort foods in a  modern-industrial restaurant concept.

The first of its kind in the area, Convoi is the new go-to spot for residents of the South Jakarta and South Tangerang areas. It boasts a modern eclectic interior style with various seating options; indoor, mezzanine, private, and outdoor areas. So that guests can choose their own dining room area that makes them most comfortable. The slick design of the space is embellished with a shady garden and a continuous pool to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Overall, Convoi can accommodate up to 210 guests.

"The word ‘convoi’ is inspired by togetherness according to the convoy meaning. However, the word 'con' is also taken from the Italian Romanian meaning which means together, with 'voi' it means all of us," explained Henry Marheroso, General Manager of Convoi.

The food blends Western and Asian flavours to create comfort foods to suit every palate, in what they call their contemporary cooking style. The menu is created by Chef Agus Sutikno, with the aim of taking simple flavours and elevating them through techniques and presentation. Fulfilling this aim, the menu is a combination of various classic dishes from the European region as well as popular cuisines throughout Asia.

Starting their breakfast friendly options, the restaurant’s signature Sunset French Toast, featuring crispy beef bacon that is perfectly balanced with the maple syrup and sweet brioche bread.

For those looking for a hearty meal, The Duck and Lychee Curry is a modern twist on a Thai curry, with a duck leg confit nestled on a bed of garlic rice, with a curry featuring lychees and an apple and mint salad creating a delicious sweet and savory dish.

If you’re looking to share, you can order Sei Sapi Pizza, that explores Indonesian toppings such as cassava leaves and fried rebon (small shrimp) on top of a classic pizza base. Other options? Try Spaghetti Sambal Matah, six-hour smoked cakalang fish, kecombrang, lime, fried rebon, coconut oil, and Balinese sambal matah .

“We foresee Convoi will be able to  cater for all guests from families to young and urban people and also to become a hangout place when the night comes. We promise to do our best to bring the best food in town and host the best acoustic live music performances for crowd-seeking aficionados.” said Henry Marheroso.

To finish off your dining experience, try something new with Convoi’s prime menu Es Puter Binaria, comprised of coconut ice cream, on a bed of jackfruit, toddy, honeycomb, crushed emping melinjo (Indonesian authentic chips made from Gnetum gnemon seeds) with orange gastrique, perfectly balancing sweet and salty in a satisfying dessert.



Jalan Kesehatan Raya

Bintaro, South Jakarta

T: +62 21 7349 288

WA: +62 81287870020


Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 10 am to 10 pm

Friday-Saturday: 10 am to 12 am

Sunday: 8 am to 10 pm