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Enjoy Mooncake Delights from Surabaya's Top Hotels

Indulgence | 19 August 2022
Photo Courtesy of Vasa Hotel Surabaya

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on Saturday, 10 September 2022, a traditional festival in Chinese culture that is regarded as one of the most significant annual festivals. A significant holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years, the annual festival is held every 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar with a full moon at night, parallel to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is common to see a variety of lanterns in all shapes and sizes carried and showcased as a symbol of beacons that illuminate one’s path to prosperity and good fortune. One of the highlights of the festival is the traditional delicacy – Mooncakes – a rich round-shaped pastry with sweet bean, egg yolk, meat or lotus-seed paste fillings that are commonly consumed during the festival.

With the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, residents of Surabaya can participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations and enjoy Mooncakes from several of the top hotels in Surabaya:

Shangri-La Surabaya

The luxurious Shangri-La Surabaya participates in the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with a series of tastefully presented premium and delectable mooncake offerings. This year, they have specially prepared three different collections, namely the Classic Collection, the Signature Collection, and the Kids Collection.

The Classic Collection presents authentic, traditional baked mooncakes with flavoured fillings including White Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Bean, Matcha, Pandan, Durian and ‘Yam Lotus with Melon Seeds’. The various collections are priced at IDR 538,000++ per box of four pieces.

The Signature Collections comprises two distinct flavours: the eight-piece Yam Lotus in Chocolate Truffle mooncakes, a combination of chocolate and taro in delicate snow-skin, priced at IDR 788,000++ per box; and the eight-piece snow-skin durian mooncakes made with fresh ‘Mao Sang Wang’ pulp, priced at IDR 1,288,000++ per box.

The Kids Collection features especially crafted Thousand Layer mooncakes filled with delicious Nutella Milo sauce. These special cakes are made of multiple layers of puff pastry, featuring cute designs that’ll surely be popular with children. The individually packed Kids Collection is priced at IDR 128,000++ per piece.

Get a 20% discount when you purchase via until 28 August 2022. For more information or purchases, please call +62 31 6003 8916.

Sheraton Surabaya

Spread the joy and blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival with family and loved ones with the mooncake offerings from Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers. This year, La Patisserie at Sheraton Surabaya offers eight classic and contemporary mooncake flavours that come in two exclusive boxes: the regular box – Jade Rabbit – and the premium box – Moon Goddess.

Several mooncake flavours offered include classics such as White Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Bean, Pandan and Black Sesame, and more modern flavours including Premium Coconut, Pineapple Fillings with Coconut Jelly and Portuguese Custard, which has recently become a highly popular flavour in Hong Kong. The Jade Rabbit set is a box of four delicate mooncakes of your choice, presented in an azure classic box with a pop-up rabbit papercraft and mirror. Four regular mooncakes in the Jade Rabbit box are priced at IDR 598,000nett.

The Moon Goddess box is an exclusive floor-standing storage miniature, designed with golden oriental emboss and jade rabbit shadow puppet decoration. It features a drawer of the finest Damman Tea Frere. Only 100 pieces are available for this box, priced at IDR 1,588,000nett.

For more information or orders, please contact

Vasa Hotel Surabaya

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Vasa Hotel Surabaya is offering its own collection of mooncakes from the hotel’s Xiang Fu Hai restaurant. While more contemporary variations of mooncakes have become more popular nowadays, Vasa Hotel Surabaya will bring back nostalgic memories with traditional recipes and the long-forgotten Shanghai Mooncake variation. This variation is similar to a French pastry, featuring a layered skin that is flaky and rich, which is one of the more refined iterations of mooncakes.

Additionally, Xiang Fu Hai will also present iconic classic mooncake flavours such as White Lotus, Red Lotus, Assorted Nuts, and Yolk, while also offering modern flavours such as Red Bean, Pandan and Green Tea Lotus, which are available baked or snow-skinned. Don’t miss out on their signature 100% Musang King Durian Snow Skin mooncake, featuring the soft and chewy snow skin and cream-textured filling.

Another thing that makes their mooncakes special is the fact that they are low in sugar, and use 25% less sugar than other mooncakes on the market. They also swap out palm oil for pure peanut oil, which results in mooncakes that are low in sugar and calories. The mooncakes use no preservatives, so it is advised to consume the baked mooncakes within 5 days and the snow-skin mooncakes within 3 days.

Presented elegantly in a beautifully designed box, the Vasa Gift Box features two dominant branding colours, namely Goldfish Orange and Warm Tungsten, as well as a traditional Chinese sketch. Prices start from IDR 588,000++ per box for Baked or Shanghai, IDR 688,000++ per box for Snow Skin, and up to IDR 888,000++ per box for Signature Durian Musang King Snow Skin. Enjoy a discount of up to 20% until 30 September 2022.

For more information or orders, please call +62 31 730 1888, email [email protected] or contact

The Westin Surabaya

The Westin Surabaya joins in on the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations by unveiling a variety of handmade snow skin mooncakes. This marks the debut of their very first snow skin mooncake collection, offering a range that has been hand-selected by the hotel’s Head Chef and culinary team, combining the traditional mooncakes with exciting new flavours.

With the wide range of mooncake varieties nowadays, which come in different sizes and multiple flavours, The Westin Surabaya’s mooncake collection contains less sugar to provide a healthier option.

The Snow Skin Mooncake flavours available include Bamboo Charcoal & Golden Naiwong Custard, Peach Blossom, Mandarin Orange, Japanese Matcha and Red Strawberry. Additionally, they also offer traditionally baked mooncakes with a twist, by adding a quintessential flavour of Southeast Asia: Pandan. The Baked Mooncake flavours include White Lotus, White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Green Tea, and Pandan and Red Bean.

They are offering gift sets of four mooncakes, presented in a beautifully designed box with decorative motifs that mirror the spirit of the occasion. The variety of bags to pack in the mooncakes come in different colours including purple lavender, sunset coral, mint leaves and ocean blue.

Mooncakes of all varieties can be purchased from The Westin Surabaya or online.