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Evlogia Café & Co: Tastefully Blessed

Indulgence | 1 August 2022

As a coffeeshop, Evlogia Café & Co serves a wide selection of specialty coffees and drinks including a variety of side dishes.


Pasar Santa area is a destination to witness the lifestyle of the people of Jakarta and the city’s hustling and buzzling. Its characteristic is that it is lined with various hawkers, food and drinks stalls, caffes and coffee shops that cover most of the area and the offices that stand there. Evlogia Café & Co sneaks into the area to accommodates those who want to enjoy the typical bustle of the market with good food and coffee.


'Evlogia' means 'blessing', the result of the gratitude that motivated its two founders, Victor and Vedie. These two young people feel the need to channel the blessings they get through what they do, one of which is establishing the coffeshop, with the hope of spreading goodness to the surrounding environment, as well as to other places they can reach.


The mission is to be a stopover for people in the midst of a world that is so busy, in the midst of so many activities, in the midst of the high demands in life, to be able to stop for a moment, to enjoy a moment to realize that life is always blessed, which is emphasized by the tagline " Take a Pause and Count Your Blessings”.

You can enjoy a moment of pause while enjoying the signature coffee, such as Miruku in the form of palm sugar milk coffee, Kanaya, spiced milk coffee, Cappuccino Brule, classic cappuccino with a spread of caramelized sugar on top, Kumo Black, cold brew coffee with soft cream, and Matchapresso, three layers of combination of matcha, milk and coffee.


For an uplifting freshness, try signature mocktails, such as Summer Breeze, a combination of lime, yuzu, soda, and mint or Martian Surface, a combination of dragon fruit, lemon, soda, and salt on the lips, a metropolitan freshness.

A variety of crispy and simple pizzas, please try the delicious Smoked Moo, a combination of beef sausage, beef, smoked beef, and paprika slices, Happy Mushroom, a favorite pizza, with a mixture of mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, onions, and a splash of truffle oil, Aloha Chicky, a pizza with a combination of chicken karage pieces and pineapple slices, and Captain Tuna, a pizza with a combination of tuna and corn.


Evlogia Cafe & Co

Jl. Cisanggiri I No.6, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 1217