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Indonesia’s Culinary Stars Return to The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Wine and Dine | 6 September 2017

Indonesian cuisine is becoming more popular across the globe, not least thanks to the talented chefs that relentlessly promote the country’s culinary heritage.

To celebrate the rich cuisine of the archipelago, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta has invited Guest Chefs Petty Elliott and Vindex Tengker as well as the hotel’s own Executive Chef Felix Budisetiawan to collaborate for the programme “The Return of Indonesian Culinary Stars”.

During the whole month of September, the hotel’s Jakarta Restaurant & Courtyard will present the three chef’s creations, based on three different regions in Indonesia: Sulawesi, Yogyakarta/ Central Java and West Java.

From 1 to 10 September, guests can savour dishes from the region of Sulawesi, prepared by Chef Petty Elliott who herself hails from Manado. The region is well known for its rich variations in seafood and spices, but also for cakes and pastries influenced by European cuisine. Dishes include Lawi-lawi, Ayam Masak Dibulu, Seafood Pallumara as well as a unique selection of ice cream inspired by typical Sulawesi ingredients, such as Toraja Coffee Ice Cream and Papaya Tono Sorbet.

Between 11 and 20 September, it’s Chef Vindex Tengker’s turn to shine. Chef Vindex, who once was Executive Chef at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta himself, focuses on the cuisine from Yogyakarta and Central Java, which is said to be sweeter than other Indonesian dishes, due to the people’s fondness of palm sugar and sweet soy sauce. His selection includes, among others, Tengkleng Kambing, Brongkos Iga Sapi, Garang Asam Ayam and Nasi Golong.

Chef Felix Budisetiawan has chosen to highlight the cuisine of West Java, known for its freshness and simplicity, yet richness in flavour. His creations, including Karedok, Mie Kocok, Nasi Timbel, Gurame Cobek and traditional sweets like Gemblong and Es Cendol, can be enjoyed from 21 to 30 September and conclude this special culinary programme at The Dharmawangsa.

Guests who want to indulge in these delightful spreads not only get a taste of Indonesia’s unique cuisine, but also do good at the same time: as part of the CSR programme of The Dharmawangsa, Rp. 10 000 from each sold buffet per person will be donated to Wisma Cheshire, a residential, vocational training programme that supports men and women with disabilities.

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