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Nusantara Culinary Festival at Pondok Indah Mall

Wine and Dine | 30 September 2016

To support the "Wonderful Indonesia" programme by the Ministry of Tourism, Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) organizes the Nusantara Culinary Festival from September 27th to October 27 with a number of culinary tenants spreading out in PIM 1, PIM 2 as well as the street gallery.

DSC_4454 Aiming to promote the richness of Indonesia’s culinary wonders, the festival serves a variety of dishes from around the archipelago that are both unique and distinctly authentic, such as Aceh’s Ayam Tangkap (chicken fried with pandan and basil leaves), Padang’s Rendang Itam (beef cooked with coconut milk, chili and spices), Manado’s Roa Fried Rice (fried rice with shredded roa fish), Betawi’s Bir Pletok (Jakarta’s traditional signature herbal drink), Makassar’s Es Pisang Ijo (coated banana in coconut milk mush) and many more. The dishes will be prepared and served by 13 well-known Indonesian restaurants ; Marco Padang Peranakan, Remboelan, Fiddleheads, Meradelima, Dapur Sunda, Warjok Asli, Es Teler 77, Kari Umbi, Kafe Betawi, Chicken Story, Kembang Mayang, Street Bistro dan Kari Ulam. DSC_4373 According to the Deputy of Domestic Tourism Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism, Dra. Esthy Reko Astuti, M.Si, the government highly appreciates and supports the mall in its endeavor as it is important to preserve, develop and promote Indonesia's culinary culture as well as to enhance the knowledge of Indonesians about food specialties from other parts of the archipelago. “We realize that Indonesia has a very diverse culture that must be preserved, including its culinary culture," said Eka Dewanto, General Manager of PIM. "The love of our people for typical Indonesian dishes should be improved so we don't lose our competitiveness especially concerning the foreign food and drinks that have entered the Indonesian market. We do hope that this programme can increase the visitors’ enthusiasm in celebrating World Tourism Day on September 27.”