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Steaks with a Punch

Wine and Dine | 19 October 2019
Left: Butcher’s Tartare. Right: Tomahawk. Photos by Kus Andi, Ton/NOWJAKARTA

For a first-rate steak experience with Surabaya’s best selection of dry-aged steaks for yourself, head to Uppercut steakhouse!

Trends come and go. Adapting to changing customer tastes is ever-important, when it comes to serving quality meat with impeccable service, it’s pretty easy to see who’s who. Uppercut, unlike any other steakhouses, is one of only a few restaurants in Surabaya that offers dry-aged prime steaks. This dry-aged steak is a relatively new trend emerging among meat lovers in Indonesia. Uppercut steakhouse is among only a handful of steakhouses that offers a true dry-aged experience in an intimate, upscale setting. Strategically located in the heart of Surabaya, Uppercut is a newly-opened steakhouse that serves the best grade of dry-aged prime Wagyu beef featuring a classic combination of local ingredients, alternative meat options and unique selections of fine wines and cocktails. It is the first restaurant in town that introduces a Josper Grill, allowing the meat to be cooked up to 350 degrees Celsius with aromatic wood and charcoal. Technically all beef is aged a little bit; either through a process of wet or dry aging. Dry-aging is the tenderization of the meat texture. Dry-aged steaks, when done properly and done well, produce an indescribable taste, like eating steak in high definition. 

Large cuts of beef are kept at a specific temperature and humidity. Air is constantly being circulated around to prevent the growth of anything bad, while enzymes in the meat’s cells break down the protein, fats and glycogen. As these enzymes are doing their thing, bacteria are doing their thing too. They break down the muscle fibers, thus oxidizing fat, loosening up the collagen and leaving only tenderness behind. The longer the beef is dry-aged, the more tender and bold the flavour will be. 

Steak tartare is one of those classic dishes you need to try at least once. Butcher’s Tartare is an appetizing treat from the menu. A premium quality of 150 gram raw Wagyu beef finely chopped and served with bruschetta oil featuring capers, black-pepper shallot and lemon makes up a tantalizingly delicious dish! An egg yolk thrown into the bowl binds everything together and adds richness for sure. 

If you’re after the ultimateUppercut experience, the Tomahawk steak is not to be missed. Served with rocky salt, roasted veggies and Chimichurri, mushroom and mustard sauces on the side, the Tomahawk is a supreme, flavourful and tender delicacy! Another recommended food is Josper Salmon plated with asparagus, mashed potato and creamy mushroom sauce. To freshen up your experience, try the Chocolate Martini—creamy Nutella vodka muddled with cream cocoa brown. This drink combines the amazing effects of alcohol with the delicious flavours of nutella. 


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