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Discover Stunning Beaches Around the Capital

Archipelago Diaries | 11 September 2019
Sunset at Anyer Beach, Banten, West Java. With a coastal view overlooking Mount Rakata, the child of historical Mount Krakatoa, Anyer boasts the best geographic location to witness sunset during twilight. Pixabay/NOW!JAKARTA

Visiting Ancol Beach or island hopping to Pulau Seribu are common traditions among Jakarta to spend their summertime. Short of visiting the beautiful shores of Bali, there are a few other options to enjoy summer this year by road tripping to a number of coastal gems just kilometres away from the capital with your friends and family.

In total, there are more than 30 beaches located in neighbouring provinces of West Java and Banten offering bright rays and clear blue sky. Some of them are top destinations to witness the sunset, a place to get your adrenaline pumping with beach sports or lovely spots to just relax while enjoying the beauty of nature. Most importantly, the established infrastructure will ease your next road trip to those nautical havens.

Anyer, Banten 

(125 kilometres; ± 2 hours 28 minutes from Jakarta)

Besides Ancol, Anyer is the most visited destination for those looking for a nautical scenery without travelling miles away from Jakarta. With a coastal view overlooking Mount Rakata, the child of historical Mount Krakatoa, Anyer boasts the best geographic location to witness sunset during twilight. The established tourism spot has comprehensive facilities with a number of restaurants, hotels and resorts. The view is enchanting with white soft sand and deep blue sea. It’s also the annual destination for divers to discover its marine gems. Families and friends could also experience aquatic sport such as jet ski, speed boat, parasailing and many more. From the main beach, tourist could also travel to Sambolo Beach, which offers a more intimate location to enjoy summer near the beach.

Where to stay: Aston Anyer Beach Hotel, Allisa Resort Anyer, Bintang Laut Resort


Tanjung Lesung, Banten 

(179 kilometers; ± 4 hours 30 minutes from Jakarta)

Tanjung Lesung has been promoted as one of the best emerging destinations in Banten. The area is home for Festival Layang-Layang (Kite Festival) and many major watersports events. A 1,500-hectare location is completed with a number of resorts, restaurants, hotels and playground. The clear blue water allows direct viewing of the beautiful surrounding corals. Here, people could do many choices of water sports including snorkeling, surfing and diving. Head to Tanjung Lesung Beach Club to try more fun activities, such as banana boating, jet skiing and parasailing. Teeming with marine life, visitors to Tanjung Lesung may opt to go fishing during the day or join a coral conservation program. The setting sun marks the time to enjoy traditional fire dance performance or explore culinary spots around the area. Anyer, Peucang and Tanjung Layar Beach are the nearby destinations close to Tanjung Lesung, which you can readily discover during your road trip.

Where to Stay: Tanjung Lesung Hotel and Resorts. Mandabelle Villa Tanjung Lesung


Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi 

(220 kilometres; ± 6 hours from Jakarta)

Light coloured sand, clean environment, a relaxing atmosphere are among the reasons for one decided to visit this beach. Located in Sukabumi, West Java, Ujung Genteng offers a quiet spot to witness the sunrise and sunset in the Southern hemisphere. Nature is saturated with bright sunshine, which allows one to capture the picturesque moment with good photographs. Its close-out wave made it popular as a surfing spot. Visit Batu Besar and Turtle Beach Hotel to participate in a number of other activities, such as turtle conservation, or to rent surfing equipment. Turtle Beach Hotel is among the most favourite places to stay. Accessed via Jagorawi Toll Road, tourists could also stop by a number of destinations before reaching Sukabumi. For the avid traveler, one also could stop by at Sawarna Beach which is located at the border of Banten province.

Where to Stay: Turtle Beach Hotel, Ocean View


Santolo, Garut 

(284 kilometres±7 hours 30 minutes from Jakarta)

Santolo Beach is a hidden gem in Pameungpeuk, Garut where people could experience having a private time in serenity. Santolo is home to local fishermen, and people could indulge in freshly made seafood coming from the sea. The beach is close to an estuary, where some ruins of the historical colonial buildings add unique character to this particular area. Its wide panorama will mesmerise those looking for a full view of a gold sunset during twilight. Santolo is only for one who wants to enjoy its modesty by staying at a local homestay and spend time with communities. Don’t forget to bring your tent to camp around the beach area. Other tourist spots worth visiting include Sayang Heulang and Rancabuaya Beach.

Where to Stay: Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort, Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa.


Karang Tawulan, Tasikmalaya 

(333 kilometres; ±8 hours from Jakarta)

Discovered by a local adventurer, Karang Tawulan is a refreshingly virgin beach with a unique surface where people could spend their time relaxing on a hill amidst a coral reef surrounding. The lush and green hill is a favourite spot among tourists who are looking for a picnic in the coastal areas. The spot offers the best angle to witness sunset in the southern beach in West Java. People could choose the most comfortable spot whether laying on the grass or sitting at the gazebo. Tasikmalayan local food is available sold by locals. Situated 75 km from the city of Tasikmalaya, Karang Tawulan has become a stopover point before tourist heading to Pangandaran or Nusa Kambangan Island in Cilacap.

Where to Stay: Villa Monyet, The Beach House


Batu Karas, Pangandaran 

(345 kilometers; ±9 hours from Jakarta)

Pangandaran has numerous destinations along the shoreline. It is perfect for group road-tripping where tourists could discover a few places with cars. Its main attraction is Batu Karas, a beach where people could do tonnes of activities from banana boating to cyclings. During the dry season, one could relax at the beach or cliffside area to enjoy the summer breeze while the sun going is down on the horizon. Here, people could have fun activities through a number of watersports. With a close distance to coastal trees, one could set up their hammock and play instruments to recharge the mind. Pasir Putih, Madasari and Batu Hiu beach are within easy reach from Batu Karas. For those having enough time to explore areas surrounding Pangandaran, visitors may consider the Green Canyon, Nature Reserve and a Turtle Conservation or they can try river tubing in Santirah, Pangandaran.

Where to stay: Lagoona Beach Bungalows, HAU Eco Lodges Citumang, Laut Biru Resort Hotel.