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Western Australia: Two Decades of International Street Art Festival

Globe Destinations | 28 March 2018

This month, Western Australia is in the spotlight as artists from all over the world gather at the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival 2018 in Perth. The festival will be held for four consecutive days from 29 March to 2 April.

Artists all around the world will gather at Fremantle International Street Arts Festival 2018 in Perth.
Photo courtesy of Western Australia/NOW!JAKARTA

A coastal city in Western Australia, Fremantle has been transformed into a city with street arts since 1999 in a manner similar to the U.S. city of Philadelphia, which also features street art.

Urban artwork can be seen at the open-air theatre, restaurants, pop bars, shops and other public spaces. Now in its 20th year, the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival is set to be even more exciting.

Katie Wright Dynamite, a woman of many talents, twists 35 hula-hoops at once on her body as well as conjuring tricks using fire, knives and eggs (among other props). Prepare to be amazed, too, by the artistic skills of Sweden's Got Talent winner Charlie Caper.

Fremantle International Street Arts Festival.Photo courtesy of Western Australia/NOW!JAKARTA

The festival will also feature acrobats and foot jugglers, including performances by Kate and Pasi from Finland. BirdMen attractions from the Netherlands that invaded Esplanade Park will also perform at the festival. The UK National Theatre Company will have performances where actors will be in the nude.

Only a 4.5 hour flight from Jakarta, Perth is known for its vibrant cultural scene. Fremantle is a 30-minute drive just south of the city, and is a place where past and present combine - creating an enriching cultural experience. The city’s maritime history can be seen on its streets. The markets and bars along the way offer visitors a glimpse of local culture as well as a distinct lifestyle experience

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