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Smart and Green Meetings at de Braga by ARTOTEL

STAY | 20 March 2020
De Braga by ARTOTEL is highly committed to eco-conscious practices that lessen a meeting’s impact on the environment. Photo courtesy of De Braga by ARTOTEL/NOWJAKARTA

Echoing Braga’s historic charm and architectural grace, de Braga by ARTOTEL introduced new green meeting rooms called MEETSPACE.

A great meeting makes it mark, but it does not leave a footprint. De Braga by ARTOTEL is highly committed to eco-conscious practices that lessen a meeting’s impact on the environment, and thus, as part of the commitment, the hotel recently launched environmentally friendly meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 298 people.

These green conference and meeting venues practice reduced waste, conserve water and effectively manage energy output whether it’s a large group or more intimate incentive programmes. Catering to business and personal events in six choices of meeting rooms from MEETSPACE A to MEETSPACE F, visitors have the option to host their meetings and conferences in U-Shape, Classroom, Theatre, Round Table, Standing and Double-U Shape all fully equipped with mineral water supply in a jar, thus achieving a sustainable life cycle.

In addition to installing the ideal source of drinking water in a jar, the hotel provides amenities that blend timeless elegance with sustainably friendly materials. Through high technological innovations, MEETSPACE is designed for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

With De Braga by ARTOTEL being accredited with a completion certificate as Green Building Hotel, better known as Sertifikat Layak Fungsi (SLF), guests no longer worry about feeling inconvenienced during their stay, as the hotel is fairly dependent on the active support for sustainable development.

De Braga by ARTOTEL

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