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Work, Live and Play at L'Avenue Office and Residences

STAY | 24 March 2017

One of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia, Jakarta is regarded as a hot market when it comes to property business. The demand of high-rise residential buildings is predicted to increase this year as more people understand the importance of practicality and high mobility in a busy city like Jakarta. While this means more options for customers, it also indicates tighter competition among the developers. And of course, as is true for any competition, only the best will survive.

Many factors should be taken into account when choosing the best residential property, but excellent service and facilities should be on your top list to make sure that you will feel at home. In that regard, L’Avenue Residences is committed to provide the best.

“Our strategy to face the competition is simple; we simply deliver our promises to the customers in order to win their hearts. I believe that customers will recommend your property to others when they are happy,” said Gatot Sedyadi, General Manager of L’Avenue Residence Jakarta.

L’Avenue is an urban compound that consists of two residential towers, a sophisticated office tower, three pavilions as well as a shopping centre to cater to all the needs of modern Jakartans.

“L’Avenue is a living and working environment at the border of Jakarta’s Central Business District, surrounded by the greenery of established residences.  The compound is only minutes away to the frenzy business activities but still boasts a homey feeling, creating maximum comfort for every resident,” Gatot continued. “Today, all units in both residence apartments have been handed over to its owners. Nearly 70% of the apartments of the South Tower are occupied while over 30% of the owners of the North Tower apartments have started to make themselves at home in their apartments, and more are yet to come.”

Not only the apartment occupancy signifies a bright future for the compound - the L’Avenue Office Tower suggests the same trend.

“Many offices have started their operations a year ago which puts the Office Tower at the forefront of the L’Avenue complex, filled with crowds of employees and students.  Sampoerna Academy and Sampoerna University occupy offices at L’Avenue Office Tower from the ground floor to the sixth floor to conduct their education program. They started in June 2016 and have now almost 400 students who attend on a daily basis,” added Gatot.

In line with its philosophy of live, work and play within the same compound, L’Avenue offers ‘a value for money’ property, meaning customers can get everything all at once here. Among the L’Avenue Residences’ top features are its fitness centre and sauna, the sky pool, an arboretum, the sky lounge, a library, a games room and an indoor play ground at Sky Garden. Combining these facilities with the great location, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that L’Avenue is one of the best players in Indonesia’s developing property industry today.