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69 Films from 25 European Countries Enlivens Europe on Screen 2022

NEWS | 10 June 2022

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With an average audience of more than 30,000 people and the enthusiasm of the audience growing every year, Europe on Screen is one of the largest film festivals in the world. And this year, after a virtual format over the past two years, the 22nd edition of the festival will be hosted in a hybrid format. 

Europe on Screen (EoS) is returning to greet film enthusiasts in Indonesia. This year’s festival will present the latest 69 films from 20 European Union member states along with five other European countries. 

The offline screenings will be held from 16 to 26 June 2022 in six major cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta, and a total of 16 venues to play the films offline. Meanwhile, audience can also watch a selection of films via online screenings on from 20 to 30 June 2022. All film screenings and side events are free of charge. This way hoped to more people would be able to participate in the festival from all parts of Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. 

“There is a wide selection of impressive films that will be shown, from thrillers to comedy, romantic films to musicals, dramas as well as horror. Europe on Screen 2022 also will feature several award-winning films that capture current issues such as pandemic, immigration, and war. We will also organize additional interesting events such as discussions, webinars, and exhibitions.” Explained Vincent Piket, the EU Ambassador for Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. 

“We very much hope to build back the creative industry, now that Covid has receded,” said the Ambassador as he credited the leadership of the Indonesian government in overcoming Covid-19 pandemic and the discipline of the people in restricting themselves during the pandemic. 

The Festival Co-Director, Nauval Yazid said that the festival will be a more exclusive way to watch movies audiences as the films are not screened in cinemas, televisions, or on local streaming platforms. 

Europe on Screen 2022 starts with Dutch movie Do Not Hesitate which is the Dutch representative for the 94th Academy Awards this year for the Best International Film category, and will be played on 16 June at Erasmus Huis Jakarta. And, the festival will close with French comedy film The Big Hit (Un Triomphe) which won the Best Comedy Film at the 2020 European Film Awards. 

Nauval also said that the festival committee divided the program into several sessions. The first session is “Festivities” for feature films and covered 80% of the program. As there are the first three films, namely Along the Way which is the opening film of the Rotterdam Film Festival, Atlas from Switzerland which is a drama film about a trauma survivor trying to get back on his feet and tracing his life, then there is The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See the Titanic, a quite unique film as it is shot from the point of view of a blind person.

Then there is Charter, which is the official submission from Sweden for the 93rd Academy Award for the Best International Feature category, Contra from Germany, which is a comedy remix of a French film that was also screened at EoS 2018.

 A comedy film from Hungary, Cream is also not to be missed, telling the story of a woman who pretends to marry in order to maintain her business. Then an Irish film Dating Amber, another film about two boys and girls who are forced to become each other's boyfriends to save their business.

Enfant Terrible from France, a biopic on the life and the impact of iconic German New Wave director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder also takes the part of the program, meanwhile Europe from Italy is a thriller about the efforts of an immigrant trying to enter the European continent.

The Fam from Switzerland, which won the Best Film Award in the Generation category from the International Film Festival, covered the complexities of juvenile delinquency, while Fear from Bulgaria was also Bulgaria's official representative for Best International Feature at the 94th Academy Awards. A fantastic fantasy film about the life of the circus in Italy in the early days of World War 2 can also be seen through the film Freaks Out.

Ibrahim, which is a strong drama film from France that entered the official selection of the Festival de Cannes 2020, also colored this year's festival. In addition to The Judgment from the Netherlands, a true story about the shocking murders in the Netherlands in 1999 and The King of Laughter from Italy, the story revolves around the stage and theatrics in early 20th century Italy.

The only feature-length animated films Snotty Boy from Austria and Songs of Solomon from Armenia which is the Armenian representative for the Best International Feature at the 93rd Academy Award also take part in the festival. 

Of course, there are still many films worth watching, including those related to the lives we have been going through lately, such as the film Reflection from Ukraine which was selected for the 2021 Venice Film Festival which tells about the trauma of the atrocities of war in Ukraine, and Roaring 20s from France, a film that is quite unique because it was shot in a single taping which tells the story of life in Paris at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.

In addition to the long-story film, EoS 2022 also features documentary film screenings included in the “Realities” program, including seven films that will be screened, such as Dying to Divorce, The British representative film for the 94th Academy Award for the Best International Feature category, Jason from the Netherlands who became the best film at the world's most prestigious documentary film festival International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Kids Club which tells the story of children in 50 countries participating in the World Cup, The Other Side of the River tells the story of a female soldier who tries to escape from ISIS, Shadow Game tells the story of a group of immigrants trying to enter the countries of their migration destination and they are trying to make it a kind of video game, Sisterhood from the Netherlands which reveals interviews with women of all ages and social classes about what makes them feel safe and comfortable. as a woman, and Soldat Ahmet the Austrian film about a soldier who also works as a part-time actor.

EoS 2022 also continues the tradition of “Surprise Screening” where only unveils the film right at the screening time which will screened on 25 June at the Goethe-Institut Jakarta. 

The program that was suspended for two years due to pandemic, “Retrospective” is now back where we are all invited to revisit the works of Italian director Federico Fellini. The festival will celebrate the 102nd anniversary of his birth by screening his three classic films 81/2, Fellinopolis, I Vitelloni and a documentary film Juliet of the Spirits. To honour his works, the festival also holds a mini exhibition showcasing his visual works start from 17 June at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta. 

Meanwhile, the “specialties” segment of the festival will show short films in three categories;  Dutch Animated Short Films, which is a compilation of animated shorts, #MusicthatMoves, presents four short documentary film about how music affects people's lives, and World Premier, which is the premiere of short films by Indonesian film maker that won the Short Film Pitching Project 2021.

“Last year, we received hundreds of short film ideas and were screened into eight finalists and we selected the three best short film ideas. The three-story ideas have been finalized and have become our first short film to be shown at EoS 2022. There is Bibir Merah Siapa yang Punya by Pawadi Jihad from Pontianak who was involved in several Indonesian long film productions, Men and Their Birds by Andrew Kose from Jakarta and What Ceti Does by Azalia Muchransyah from Bogor.” Explained Nauval.

EoS 2022 is still continuing the tradition that has been running since 2020, namely “Film Talk” or virtual webinar sessions with film directors which are held for 30 minutes live. One of the agendas of the Film Talk is that it will raise a theme according to the issue or context of several films being screened. This year, the festival chose the theme of establishing a safe and comfortable space for women based on three-screened films (The Fam, Dying to Divorce, and Sisterhood). The event will be held on 22 June with the speakers, namely Hera Diani (former Chief Editor of Magdalene), Kurnia Dwijayanto (Director of Angsamerah Foundation), Hannah Al Rasyid (actress and activist), and Siti Mazuma (Director of LBH Apik).  All speakers will cover all aspects ranging from aspects of art, health and law.