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All Nippon Airways Adds Extra Flight from Jakarta to Tokyo

NEWS | 25 September 2017

Japan’s five-star All Nippon Airways has added an extra flight to serve the Jakarta-Tokyo route, bringing the total number of flights to 21 flights—14 to Haneda and seven to Narita—the largest among all other airlines connecting the two major cities in Asia.

The latest move by ANA is directed towards accommodating the needs of Indonesian travelers, both for business and leisure. Business travelers can opt for the flight bound to Haneda International Airport, located only 11 minutes from Tokyo. For others traveling to or connecting through Tokyo, Narita makes a strategic option.

The flight from Jakarta to Tokyo uses Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 for business and economy class with a capacity of 247 seats. The aircraft is equipped with electronic window curtain, restrooms with electronic bidet, humidifier and the latest entertainment equipment.