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Alva’s Unique Booth Experience Grabs the Visitors at The Indonesian International Auto Show

NEWS | 16 August 2022

ALVA, an electric motorcycle brand from Ilectra Motor Group (IMG) launched its first product ALVA ONE, at GIIAS 2022 on 11 August, and received a warm response from visitors. Although ALVA is a newcomer and the only motorcycle brand whose booth location is among the four-wheeled vehicle providers, it managed to attract the attention of visitors with more than 9,000 people visiting the ALVA booth in just the first three days since the Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show GIIAS started.

The very high interest was not only in the products displayed, but also in the interactive features and various interesting events presented by ALVA. One of them was the Immersive Video Mapping Experience presented at the ALVA booth, which provided the ALVA ONE driving experience using augmented reality.

The Immersive Video Mapping Experience at our booth managed to steal the attention of many visitors, as seen from the long queues that were always forming. We are very happy to see the enthusiasm of visitors for our products and how we can offer a unique booth experience,” said Putu Swaditya Yudha (Adit), Chief Business Officer, ALVA. "For visitors who haven't had the chance to try it, our Immersive Video Mapping Experience will continue until the end of GIIAS."

The ALVA booth also provides other interactive features such as the 'Dyno Test' where visitors can witness the performance of ALVA ONE as a game changer.

Various exciting events also filled the series of activities at the ALVA booth since the first day, such as a talk program related to trends and developments in electric motorcycles with Automotive activist Jujuk Margono, and a safety driving education session by Sony Susmana, a representative from Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI) who discussed about tips for safe and comfortable electric motorbike driving.

Visitors' enthusiasm for the ALVA ONE product was also seen in the test ride area in Halls 9 and 10, which were always packed with visitors, automotive enthusiasts, media partners and content creators. "In just three days, more than 500 visitors have been registered to try our products," added Adit.

Through various experiences, interesting events and sessions, ALVA hopes to eliminate consumer doubts in switching to electric motors and contribute to the advancement of the country's electric vehicle industry.

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