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AmCham Cares: Dow Indonesia

NEWS | 1 July 2022

Lin Neumann, Managing Director of AmCham Indonesia

We haven’t seen a lot of our friends at the American Chamber of Commerce for Indonesia (Amcham) over the last 2 years as they, like most organisations, went virtual and kept out of the office and away from face-to-face events. Let’s hope those days are over (and stay over!) and we can meet again safely. But they and their members have been anything but inactive. The Amcham team have published a continuous stream of useful covid and related news and kept up a strong online presence. One of the items that came through for them was the article below which appealed to us as a great example of what international companies do here – often unseen and unheralded. We didn’t want this one to go unnoticed.

“Dow Indonesia is collaborating with Bina Karta Lestari Foundation (Bintari), a national non-governmental organization focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development, and Semarang City Environmental Services to tackle waste management issues and promote a circular economy in Semarang, Central Java. The initiative, which started in April this year, will help the city government to reduce waste issues by running a number of waste management programs across six villages over 1.5 years.

The program targets 1,000 families in six villages and strives to educate families about the importance of waste sorting and management; as well as increasing the capacity of reducing, reusing and recycling waste sites (TPS3R) and waste banks to create a circular economy. The initiative it is expected to increase daily household waste management from 180kg to 360kg through collaboration with six TPS3R units. The TPS3Rs are located in six villages: Resik Mandiri in Sambiroto, Kampung Pilah Sampah in Mangkang Kulon, Sendang Mulyo in Sendang Mulyo, Sido Rahayu in Purwosari, Polaman in Polaman, and Gemah in Gemah.

Through the collaboration with Bintari, Dow aims to encourage synergy between stakeholders and promote behavior change on responsible waste management, starting from the household level. This is part of Dow's strong commitment to its sustainability targets, while supporting the government’s sustainability goals by prioritizing the green economy, circular economy, and reducing carbon emissions. Dow’s sustainability goals are aimed at three main targets – Protect the Climate, Stop the Waste and Close the Loop.

Well done to Dow and Bintari and to Amcham for keeping the fires burning.