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Asia Pacific Snapshot: Covid19 Update And Recovery Dashboard

NEWS | 1 July 2022

Pacific Area Travel Association, usually just called PATA , does some very good research  and we were recently sent this very useful list of the status of most Asian countries, as to their current lockdown status , their borders and the vaccination rate for their own populations. We will not try to interpret these for you but you may find them useful as both business and leisure travel starts to take off again. You can come back to the link for weekly updates. 

The list of featured destinations in this newsletter will rotate on a weekly basis. For the full updates of all 39 destinations, please visit the website.

Lockdown status:
Open – no restrictions on capacities, all economic sectors open  - but face mask-wearing may still be imposed.
Partial – some restrictions are in place - that could be certain school classes, nightclubs/ bars, certain economic sectors, limits on the number of people in gatherings, etc.
Restricted – closure of all non-essential businesses, restricted movement.

Inbound travel:
Open – leisure tourism permitted for majority of inbound travellers, although testing/ pre-registration/ visas may be required.
Partial – leisure tourism may be permitted, either 
to certain parts of the country or for certain nationalities to enter the country only. Could also apply to certain "Green Lane" schemes.
Restricted – leisure tourism not permitted.
Closed – all entry not permitted.

Source: Vaccine - World Health Organization. Retrieved from; Travel Status - The UNWTO/IATA Destination Tracker. 
Note: The small discrepancies in the data set and posted vaccination rates are due to rounding of the decimal points.