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Canadian Delicacies "BC Cherries & Blueberries"

NEWS | 15 August 2022

Canada is well-known as a producer of premium quality fresh produce. Foreign tourists, including Indonesians, visit Canada to experience the high-quality delicacy of Canada's fresh fruits such as apples, cherries, blueberries, and pears. While the Province of British Columbia (BC) is one of the top producers of cherries in the Northern Hemisphere, BC cherries remain relatively unknown in Indonesia, where only a few Indonesian consumers have tasted them. Through a recent and very successful promotion, the Embassy of Canada to Indonesia sought to increase consumer and industry awareness of the premium quality, freshness, and juiciness of Canadian/BC cherries and blueberries.

The Embassy of Canada to Indonesia together with PT Mulia Raya Agrijaya showcased BC premium cherries and blueberries to Indonesian consumers through high-end local supermarkets in Greater Jakarta. Due to Jakarta being one of the fastest-growing cities in Indonesia, they identified that raising consumer awareness of the quality and benefits of Canada/BC fruit is crucial in competing and gaining market share.

The overall objective of the promotion was to increase awareness of Canadian/BC cherries and raise their profile and presence among Indonesian consumers as a producer of high-quality fruit which they hope will lead to an expansion of market share of Canada/BC fresh fruits in a premium supermarket especially  Ranchmarket.

This in turn would facilitate increased exports and sales of Canada/BC cherries and blueberries in Indonesia, and Increased awareness of Canada/BC fresh fruit brands among Indonesian consumers, accompanied by increased on-line presence for Canada/BC fruit in Indonesia.

At a special Canada Cherry And Blueberry Promotion in Ranchmarket,  Lippo Mall Puri, Mr. William Kendall, Counsellor, Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Regional Trade Commissioner to Indonesia and ASEAN, the official representative of the Embassy of Canada to Indonesia, made the following important remarks.

“I would like to express our thanks to the British Columbia Trade and Investment office for their support in making this promotion event possible. I would also like to thank Ibu Bella and PT. Mulia Raya who have assisted the Embassy in making sure that fresh Canadian fruit is available for the event. Finally. I would also like to thank Ranch Market for their partnership in this event.

Our Canadian fruit promotion will take place in a total of 20 outlets of Ranch Market and The Gourmet supermarket chain, in Greater Jakarta and Surabaya for a six-week period beginning the 12th August.”

“I'd like to say a few words about these delicious cherries and blueberries and why we think they are so well suited to the Indonesian market. Canadian cherries can be enjoyed from late June through until early September. Our lengthy harvest season is the opposite of other counties in the region, meaning that Canadian fruit provides Indonesians with an opportunity to enjoy fresh blueberries and cherries all year long.

Canadian cherries are known worldwide for their sweetness and our blueberries for their full rich flavour, making them ideal for the Indonesian palate.”

For more information please contact :
Mr. William Kendall
Counsellor and Regional Trade Commissioner to
Indonesia and ASEAM Agriculture and Agri-Food
Embassy of Canada
World Trade Centre I, 6th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31, Jakarta