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Creating New Opportunities for the Underprivileged

NEWS | 5 December 2016

The Most Valued Business (MVB) Indonesia is not only committed to empower sustainability and Best Business Practices, but also facilitates sustainability initiatives for the benfit of underprivileged communities. MVB Indonesia together with its members chose “Turning Disability Into Achievement” and “UKKU” (Usaha KecilKu) as its proprietary CSR programmes.


“Turning Disability Into Achievement” is a scholarship programme that aims to empower physically challenged people to break the cycle and regain their confidence. A joint cooperation programme with training organization Outward Bound Indonesia (OBI), the programme is held at OBI’s incredible facilities in Jatilihur, during which twenty disabled people with visual and hearing impairments are challenged to go through outbound activities and soft-skill training. Through these activities, they will feel a sense of courage and self-confidence, can gain leadership and teamwork experience as well as a “never give up” attitude and feel strengthened to go back to the workforce, as this programme also comes with job recruitment opportunities from MVB’s corporate members. The second CSR project, UKKU - also referred to as Tinypreneurs - was launched earlier this year and is an entrepreneurial programme providing workshops for the underprivileged and equipping them in starting small retails. In collaboration with local foundation Yayasan Biji Sesawi, ten housewives were provided with a stock of products to start their own retail business, supported by MVB Indonesia partners. The companies that made generous contributions in support of the programme were, among others, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (soft drinks and beverages), Sarung Gajah Duduk (sarongs), Bagus Group (naphthalene balls and domestic essentials), Unibis (biscuits), Brother Indonesia (printers), IKEA Indonesia (display shelves), Telkomsel (smartphones) and more. Through UKKU, MVB Indonesia and its members hope that they can provide real business opportunities and a chance for these women to provide independently for their households. Alistair Speirs, Chairman of MVB Indonesia, said that it was important for businesses to give back - and take a different approach in doing so. “Simply giving money is no longer enough, we need to empower and support people so that they can learn the needed skills to support themselves,” he explained. MVB is not about competition, but about collaboration. It is a platform where all members are given the opportunity to interact with each, to discuss and share knowledge about the latest and most effective methods and practices that we are facing in today’s world.