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Daniel Mananta: First Ambassador of MVB

NEWS | 5 December 2016

In addition to aforementioned inspirational projects, the latest development of MVB Indonesia is the partnership with renowned Indonesian entrepreneur and entertainer Daniel Mananta as the new Brand Ambassador of Indonesia. Daniel was chosen for his relentless commitment to spread the spirit of modern patriotism among Indonesia’s young generation through his clothing line, Damn! I Love Indonesia.

Daniel Mananta: First Ambassador of MVB “It’s a big honour for me to be an Ambassador for MVB Indonesia. What I like about MVB is that impacts both people and the environment which is exactly what every business should do,” Daniel said. “There are seven important values in MVB which every good business should follow by default. MVB boosts up these values and appreciates the businesses that do so. I found that MVB’s values and the spirit of Damn! I Love Indonesia are really connected so I am eager to promote more of what MVB does to a wider public.”