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NEWS | 26 October 2019
Press Conference of Calendar of Events 2020
All 34 provinces in Indonesia is racing to attract tourists with 2020 Calendar of Events. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Tourism/NOWJAKARTA

With all of Indonesia’s cultural richness and landscape beauty, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia introduced and promoted top events all around the country that will be held in 2020.

Indonesia’s former Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, accompanied by representatives from 34 provinces in Indonesia, launched the 2020 Calendar of Events (CoE) on 16 October 2019 at the Sapta Pesona building Jakarta. There are 100 events all over Indonesia that are officially supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

"We hope that each region arrange and organise their events more seriously in order to attract more tourists to Indonesia," Arief remarked.

In order to ensure that all of the events meet the required standards, there was a curation process before the events are selected to be part of the 2020 CoE. There are several standards for an event to be part of the official CoE including cultural value, creative value, communication/media value and commercial/economic value.

Here are the 100 Wonderful Events in all 34 provinces in Indonesia that will be held in 2020:


  1. Festival Saman
  2. Aceh Culinary Festival
  3. Aceh International Diving Festival

North Sumatra

  1. Ya’ahowu Nias Festival
  2. Karnaval Pesona Danau Toba
  3. Samosir Music International
  4. Gelar Melayu Serumpun


  1. Pacu Jalur
  2. Bono Surfing
  3. Festival Bakar Tongkang

Riau Islands

  1. Bintan Triathlon
  2. Tour De Bintan
  3. Kenduri Seni Melayu
  4. Festival Pulau Penyengat

West Sumatra

  1. Tour de Singkarak
  2. Sawahlunto International Songket Silungkang Carnival
  3. Festival Pesona Minangkabau

South Sumatra

  1. Festival Danau Ranau XXIII 2020
  2. Festival Sriwijaya XXVIII 2019

Bangka Belitung Islands

  1. Toboali City on Fire Season 5
  2. Festival Tanjung Kelayang 3
  3. Sungailiat Triathlon
  4. Jelajah Pesona Jalur Rempah Belitung Timur


  1. Festival Kerinci
  2. Festival Batanghari


  1. Festival Bumi Rafflesia
  2. Festival Tabut
  3. Festival Pesisir Pantai Panjang


  1. Krui World Surfing League
  2. Lampung Krakatau Festival


  1. Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival
  2. Jakarta Fashion Week
  3. Jakarta Marathon
  4. Jakarnaval


  1. Seba Baduy
  2. Festival Tanjung Lesung
  3. Festival Cisadane

West Java

  1. Asia Africa Festival 2020
  2. Cap Go Meh Bogor
  3. HardFest Pesona Jatigede
  4. Festival Seni Budaya Cirebon
  5. Gebyar Pesona Budaya Garut

Central Java

  1. Dieng Culture Festival
  2. Festival Payung Indonesia
  3. SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts)
  4. Cheng Ho
  5. Festival Kota Lama


  1. Jogja International Heritage Walk
  2. Ngayogjazz

East Java

  1. Jazz Gunung Bromo
  2. International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen
  3. Grand Final Karapan Sapi
  4. Gandrung Sewu
  5. Malang Flower Carnival

West Kalimantan

  1. Festival Danau Sentarum
  2. Cap Go Meh

Central Kalimantan

  1. Festival Budaya Isen Mulang
  2. Festival Babukung
  3. Festival Tanjung Puting

East Kalimantan

  1. Tenggarong International Folk Art Festival VIII (TIFAF)
  2. Festival Sungai Mahakam
  3. Balikpapan Fest

South Kalimantan

  1. Fest Triloksado (Festival Loksado)
  2. Festival Dayak Meratus

North Kalimantan

  1. Musik Alam 2K20
  2. Gelar Adat Budaya Dumut

West Nusa Tenggara

  1. Festival Bau Nyale
  2. Festival Taliwang
  3. Festival Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan

East Nusa Tenggara

  1. Parade Sandelwood dan Festival Tenun Ikat
  2. Festival Fulan Fehan
  3. Festival Parade Pesona Kebangsaan


  1. Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
  2. Buleleng Festival
  3. Bali Spirit Festival
  4. Pesona Nusa Dua Fiesta
  5. Pemuteran Bay Festival

Central Sulawesi

  1. Festival Danau Tektonik Poso
  2. Festival Pulo Dua

West Sulawesi

  1. Polewali Mandar International Folk & Art Festival
  2. Festival Sandeq Race


  1. Gorontalo Karnaval Karawo
  2. Festival Pesona Pulau Saronde

South Sulawesi

  1. Toraja International Festival
  2. Festival Pinisi
  3. Salo Karajae

North Sulawesi

  1. Festival Pesona Selat Lembeh
  2. Festival Pesona Bunaken
  3. Manado Fiesta

Southeast Sulawesi

  1. Wakatobi Wonderful Festival and Expo "Wakatobi Wave"
  2. Festival Pesona Budaya Tua Buton


  1. Moluccas Fest
  2. Pesta Rakyat Banda

North Maluku

  1. Festival Teluk Jailolo
  2. Festival Morotai
  3. Festival Tidore

West Papua

  1. Festival Pesona Bahari Raja Ampat
  2. Festival Seni Budaya Papua Barat


  1. Festival Danau Sentani
  2. Festival Teluk Humboldt