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Introducing ABISHA89

NEWS | 19 September 2022

Abisha89 Group is located in Bali and is managed by Hansa Hospitality where the main business is hotel accommodation, resorts, villas, restaurants and sports clubs. Among the groups properties are: Abisha89 Hotel Sanur, which is located in the heart of the Sanur area, and is a strategic venue that can be your choice when vacationing on the island of Bali, with 23 rooms, meeting rooms, a rooftop bar, swimming pool and restaurant facilities. Abisha89 Sport Club Jimbaran is a one-stop sports club with swimming pool, dance studio, futsal court, restaurant, function room for activities, and a basketball court. Abisha89 Resort Jimbaran is located in the prime area of Jimbaran, 10 minutes from Jimbaran Beach, and is a resort with beautiful views, making it an option for those who want to vacation in Bali in a calm and comfortable way.

Abisha89 Group since a year ago has been preparing to welcome back local and international tourists who want to vacation in Bali, after the pandemic due to Covid-19 in Indonesia, while the pandemic has not yet changed its status to endemic, the island of Bali itself has improved after almost 2.5 years of hibernation. Abisha89 Group has started small steps to become the hotel of choice to stay by always prioritizing comfort and a healthy hotel environment.

Abisha89 Sport Club Jimbaran is also always ready to accommodate guests who want to be active and don't want to miss exercising, the existing facilities range from the swimming pool, Futsal facilities and gymnastic classes. "There is one resort part of the Abisha89 Group located in the Jimbaran area which is currently in the project stage, where we hope that this Jimbaran resort will soon be an option for tourists who want to enjoy the Jimbaran area. While the project is only half running, we are already very excited to open a new resort to the public, and it is still in the initial plan to complete it before the end of the year,” said Rusdi, the owner of the Abisha89 Group.

To make their progress and intentions public the Abisha89 Group held a gathering with media colleagues from Jakarta and Bali on August 3, 2022. The event was organized to invite the media to have lunch with the Abisha89 Group owner and management at one of the Abisha89 Hotel Sanur properties, “Indeed we wanted make this event as relaxed as possible to introduce the team and especially our hotels, establish good relations with the media so that in the future the Abisha89 Group and media partners will continue to support each other," said I Gede Astika, Corporate General Manager of Abisha89 Group .

ABISHA89 Group
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No.402, Sanur, 
Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80228