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Introducing NOW! Stay - A Useful Directory at Your Fingertips

NEWS | 2 October 2017

In today’s fast-paced world, people often make decisions on a whim. They simply pick up their phones or log in to their computers and instantly decide that now is the time to book or buy.

A vast amount of business transactions taking place nowadays are made online: from shopping to planning a holiday. With so many apps and online platforms, purchasing is made easy for the consumer. At the same time, it can also be quite confusing!

Efficient, easy, informative, simple. These are the factors consumers look for when deciding to book, purchase and browse in their decision making process. But they also face a plethora of options, with many of them claiming to be ‘the best’!

As a media company, we have been very closely involved in bringing our readers many opportunities to read about the best hotels, apartments, restaurants, spas, parks, clubs, etc. but offered no way of actually contacting them or booking them. That’s why we have created NOW! Guides, a collective directory of useful information for consumers looking to: Stay, Eat, Play, Shop, Relax and Study. NOW! Guides will be launched covering four areas: Greater Jakarta, Java, Bali – Lombok and soon we will add Singapore as well.

Phoenix Communications hosted the ‘Introduction of NOW! STAY’ on 30 August, which at the same time marked the first sub-directory of NOW! GUIDE to be officially launched to the public.

NOW! Stay is a special online directory that gathers selected hotels and apartments in Jakarta, Java, Bali-Lombok and, later on, Singapore. It features detailed information about each property and gives consumers the chance to book their rooms directly from the property’s website, where the best deals are usually found.

The event was attended by representatives of 5, 4-star and boutique hotels in Jakarta and surrounding areas. The aim was to introduce the programme and share details about its benefits and at the same time explain the technicalities on how to become part of NOW! STAY.

With the series of advantages that NOW! STAY offers, including a segmented market, no commisions charge to the hotels and apartments, an easy way to self input and update page content, online reports of dedicated page statistics and direct booking to the hotel and apartments’ official page, we believe that NOW! STAY will help our clients to push their own booking site and bring more consumers to them!

Did you know when you book a hotel, resort or villa through a booking website, businesses can be charged up to 20% of their room rate? As a result, these very same destinations offer guests special incentives just for booking directly on their website!

To find out what the hotels offer on their booking site, go to and book a room now!