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Monomono Launches Monomono Now Bar, from Dinner to Cocktails

NEWS | 1 August 2022

Situated inside The Gaia Hotel Bandung, Monomono Bar & Social Dining restaurant has become a dining destination favoured by locals and hotel guests alike since it opened last December. Serving the less familiarJapanese Peruvian menu called Nikkei cuisine, and Argentinian Grill, Monomono’s quick rise in popularity took even the skeptics by surprise. Now with the opening of Monomono Now Bar on the second floor, there is one more reason to choose Monomono for a wonderful evening out.

Monomono Now Bar rises above The Gaia Hotel’s Infinity Pool.
Start the night with dinner at the restaurant which also serves a wide range of wines to complement its Nikkei cuisine and Argentinian Grill menu. Order a few appetizers and main courses for sharing to enjoy the most of Monomono’s eclectic offerings. Its Classico Ceviche makes a perfect opening dish with its refreshing lightness. Raw fish cooked in citrus juices from lime and yuzu served in Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk, it feels like a walk through an orange orchard, bright and delightful. Other highly recommended items are expertly sliced beef appetizer Carne Tenderloin and Anticuchos which is yakitori.

Nikkei Style Monomono restaurant exudes a cozy ambience, perfect for social dining and drinks.
Moving on to main courses, Argentinian Asado Grill is Monomono’s specialty with a wide variety of meat cuts of US Prime or Australian beef and lamb. For non-beef options, there is Peruvian Arroz Con Pato, duck confit served over coriander rice or the ever-popular Salmon Al Miso. Every Friday night to Saturday afternoon, there is Asado Lamb, or Cordero de Asado. Using a timeless Argentinian technique, a whole lamb is grilled slowly on open fire over wood and natural coal for 7 hours.

Gentle lighting illuminates the chic and snug Monomono Now Bar.
The night is still earlyso continue the conversation and good times at Monomono Now Bar, a cool and comfortable city bar. Taking shape in a long bold cantilever structure perched above the hotel’s Infinity Pool with a waterfall feature, this is where you can let down your hair, chill, sip and chat to the groove. Monomono Now Bar serves specialty cocktails created by renowned mixologist Kiki Moka as well as its own interpretations of classic cocktails. Guest can taste flavours from different regions across the world from Monomono Now Bar’s collection of cocktails.

For fans of bitter and dry cocktails, there is Sake of You and Asiathique. Sake of You is made with Born-Hoshi Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Tanqueray, Dry Vermouth, and served with seaweed crackers. Asiathique, delivers subtle sweetness from pandan and coconut, mixed with Gin. Mojang Priangan made with poh pohan leaf makes for a smoother and sweeter sip.

Monomono Now Bar adds its own signature to the Mexican cocktail Bloody Mary. Named Bloody Maria, it uses Espolon Tequila infused with Katsuobushi to create an explorative and umami flavour. A treat for the eyes is Blueberry Gin Fizz, adding butterfly pea flower infusion gives the drink a vibrant purple color, a suitable choice for a girls’ night.

Featuring DJs or live bands on weekends, Monomono Bar & Social Dining restaurant promises excellent food, tantalizing drinks, great music in a cozy cool ambience. The place to be for a lively night in Bandung.

Monomono | The Gaia Hotel Bandung
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