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The MVB/OBI Transformation Programme: Giving back to the community

NEWS | 4 June 2016

Most Valued Business (MVB) is a programme to recognise and reward companies who are actively pursuing good business practices across the board, from sustainability to safety to environmental friendliness. The 2016 MVB Indonesia Members were also encouraged to support two CSR Programmes initiated by MVB and the first of these was recently concluded in cooperation with Outward Bound Indonesia (OBI).


This programme was run from 18th to 21st May at OBI’s fantastic facility at Jatiluhur and focused on challenging twenty disabled people to take on serious physical and team building tasks in order to give them confidence to faction in the real world. This is what the Chairman of MVB Indonesia, Alistair Speirs, had to say: “The disabled in Indonesia are are mostly disenfranchised: everyone loves them, everyone wants to help them, no one knows what to do, no one does anything. They are left to completely loving but totally skilless people. I am one of those who has said “Yes, I want to help them,” then did not know what to do.


Then I found out about the Outward Bound programmes for the disabled, and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do: support the professionals who actually know how to take a depressed and down individual who thought life had passed him or her by, and put them back on track. Don’t pretend to understand the disabled or disadvantaged, find those who do and help them, that was my revelation. And so we at MVB said “please do what you do brilliantly, we will support”. And that is what has happened, we asked our twenty companies to put part of their funds to pay for the OBI programme and they did.

The MVBOBI Transformation Programme

The OBI/MVB Programme is designed to help participants strive for a fuller life. Because of this we have won the battle, if not the war, but we can celebrate a small victory for those who have literally nothing. Let’s give them life”. The participants all agreed that when they arrived at the Eco Campus, they wanted just to go home because they could not see themselves doing anything that was expected of them, but when they completed the programme they were thrilled that they could do all the challenges. That was the change – the transformation – that MVB and OBI really wanted: to give the downhearted hope again. And it worked.


Many thanks go to Outward Bound Indonesia for their leadership and teamwork and to all the MVB members below for their support.