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The Number One Mistake Leaders Often Make

NEWS | 23 November 2016

In most companies, managers and directors are “tagged” as leaders. However, it is important to clarify that we do not need to be a manager nor a director to be a leader. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to understand what leadership is all about once we are a manager or a director. Tomorrow’s managers shall be leaders more than anything else.

The Number One Mistake Leaders Often Make

A leader doesn’t need power, leadership is not

A leader doesn’t need power, leadership is not about domination. It is more about persuasion, influence and inspiring. According to Daniel Goleman (a psychologist and expert on emotional intelligence): “The more senior the leader is, the more important emotional competencies become”. As a matter of fact, the more we deal with people, the more we learn about them and the more we should learn about ourselves as well. Another hint? Leadership is not about technical skills. Leadership is an art; the art of putting people together to work toward a common goal, the same shared and accepted vision.

Now, what is the most common number one mistake that leaders often make?
It is simply to ignore or neglect emotions and their power. Properly handled and managed emotions can generate motivation, enthusiasm, well-being, stability, confidence, trust, synergies, better performances… and take the team beyond the limits. Ignored or poorly managed emotions, on the other hand, are always heading nowhere.

To drive a team toward a vision, at first, leaders must develop a strong sense of self-awareness to know who they truly are, what they can do and what they shall do to grow. Then, being able to recognize and understand an emotion and its cause when arising (clarity) is a must. Next steps are to be aware of the impact they have on people, understand others’ emotions and show concern on their expectations, discern what puts people together and what doesn’t, perceive what makes someone interfering well or not with others. Last but not least, a leader shall know how to trigger the right emotion at the right moment to develop proper feelings to build trust and synergies for productive relationships. A true leader never forgets that a team is made of various persons with different perceptions, emotions, feelings and reactions.

Besides a vision, a leader must have values – not only values to stand up for but also to guide him and his team along the journey. He or she must also be authentic, fair, flexible, open-minded, optimistic and always act with a clear purpose. Add a good dose of emotional intelligence and you will have the right candidate to lead your teams and your projects.

Great leaders don’t just react, they mainly act, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. Everybody can be a leader. All the ingredients to become a great leader are available around us and unlimited.

One more tip: always keep your head cool and your heart warm!

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The Number One Mistake Leaders Often MakeArticle by Antoine Villette of AVC Hospitality
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