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Developing Circular Economy in Labuan Bajo

SUSTAINABILITY | 18 September 2019
Group photo of Danone-AQUA team
Danone-AQUA is determined to support the Indonesian government to reduce 70% of plastic waste in the ocean by 2025. Photo courtesy of Danone-AQUA/NOWJAKARTA

During the Our Ocean Conference (OOC) 2018 in Bali, 29 - 30 October 2018, Danone-AQUA invited all stakeholders to collaborate and create innovation to find solution for the ocean waste problem in Indonesia.

On 19 July 2019, Danone-AQUA together with other stakeholders commenced the initial shipment of 10 tonnes waste plastic bottles, collected via Koperasi Serba Usaha (KSU) or People’s Business Union Komodo, Pusat Daur Ulang (PDU) or Recycling Centre Batu Cermin and other informal sectors in Labuan Bajo. Those waste plastic bottles will then be sent to the Recycling Business Unit (RBU) partnering with Danone-AQUA in Bali. Brand new technology will then be used in the next step in order to produce the materials needed for the new bottles of AQUA Life which is processed by a Recycling Factory in Bandung, Namasindo. In the future, waste plastic packages will also be sent to soon-to-operate Veolia Recycling Factory in Pasuruan, East Java, to increase its recycling scale. This proves Danone-AQUA’s contribution to provide real solution to tackle the environmental problem, specifically preventing plastic waste entering the ocean in Labuan Bajo and its neighbourhood. Other than that, Danone-AQUA is determined to support the Indonesian government to reduce 70% of plastic waste in the ocean by 2025.

Since 2017, Danone-AQUA has been actively involved in Labuan Bajo to help strengthen the plastic waste recycling ecosystem by increasing the volume of plastic bottle waste via KSU Komodo, PDU Batu Cermin, and other informal sectors. Danone-AQUA is committed to be the offtaker of the recycled plastic bottle waste as materials for the new water bottle packaging. Danone-AQUA believes that the sustainability of this programme is guaranteed.

Sustainable Development Director of Danone Indonesia, Karyanto Wibowo, stated that, “this initiative is the real-life form of the #BijakBerplastik (Wise Use of Plastic) movement. We want to further strengthen our commitment to take part in creating a cleaner Indonesia and to support the government’s mission to reduce ocean waste. We focus on three main aspects: developing collection infrastructures, educating the consumers about recycle process, and innovating product packaging. These aspects are aimed at helping us to meet our ambition in 2025 to collect more plastic than we use.”

Danone-AQUA is committed to implement circular economy concept by making the plastic packaging of its products as the material that can be used as long as possible. Danone-AQUA pioneered collecting and recycling programme of its plastic packaging waste by introducing the AQUA PEDULI programme in 1993 as the initial step towards a more circular packaging model. Danone-AQUA is currently collecting 12,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year through 6 Recycling Business Units spread all over the country. This puts Danone-AQUA as the only bottled water company in that utilizes recycled materials in its product packaging.

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