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Dispose Responsibly with Waste4Change


Living and working in a clean and comfortable environment is everyone’s dream, but your clean neighborhood may come at the expense of others.

Residential Waste Collect is one of Waste4Change's services that ensures the responsible waste management of residences 

Where Does Our Trash Go?

When we throw our waste to the bin, it does not magically disappear. 69% of our waste goes to landfill, 7% recycled, and 24% most likely will leak and pollute the environment (1).

While we enjoy a clean and tidy neighborhood after our waste is ‘gone’, residents around the landfill experience otherwise. Health conditions have been reported to decline due to continuous exposure to toxic chemicals and pathogens coming from the landfill (2). On top of that, this landfill that we have been strongly dependent on has a limited capacity.

Jakarta’s landfill, TPST Bantar Gebang, is estimated to have only two years remaining before reaching its full capacity by 2021 (3). Piling waste in other landfills would mean merely shifting the problem elsewhere—it’s not a real solution. Are we really going to keep piling up waste?

Anorganic Waste such as plastic, metal, glass & paper will be processed at Waste4Change's Material Recovery Facility

How to Manage Waste Responsibly

If we want to keep our neighborhood clean and comfortable for years to come, we need a more sustainable approach to manage our waste. A sustainable waste management practice includes waste sorting and waste recycling (4).

Sorting, both at sources such as our home or office and at a dedicated sorting plant, is an important step to ensure certain materials is fed into the right recycling process (5).

If we mix all of our waste as most Indonesian do today, recyclable materials might end up in landfills—costing us valuable resources. Recycling improves the landfill’s usage capacity, as well as prevents pollution, reduces the need to extract new raw materials, and creates more job opportunities (6).

If you want your house and office to stay clean and comfortable, collaborate with Waste4Change now and help create a sustainable waste management for your neighborhood.

Waste4Change is one of the very few services that support sustainable waste management in Indonesia. Whether you want your sorted waste collected at your house or at your office, Waste4Change is ready to manage your waste. Through Residential Waste Collection, Waste4Change collaborates with residential developers to provide waste pick up service for your sorted waste at home for recycling. Meanwhile, through Commercial Waste Collection, Waste4Change collects sorted waste from your office, recycles it, and reports your waste flow from upstream to downstream regularly.